We’ve been loving all of our reunions this summer with our former Bello brides & grooms turned new parents. It’s so special knowing that we were there for the milestone of marriage and now we’re getting invited back to the next happy chapter ~ children.

It really is the biggest compliment we can receive as photographers and it affirms what we’ve always believed about bello…that ours isn’t just a job where we show up take some pretty pictures and that’s it, job over. For us, it’s all about building trust and forging lasting relationships.

This is important not just because it’s great when folks come back for more photos, but because when our couples & families trust us and feel connected to us, their guard comes down. They believe in what we do and they’re invested in the process. And, that ALWAYS leads to better, more personal, intimate photographs that tell their unique story.

As if further reaffirming this, I stumbled across an article last night on NPR’s facebook page about photographer Alicia Vera and a rather personal photo project she recently completed. The project was an intimate look at a taboo subject. In the article, Alicia talked about how while studying photojournalism in grad school, one of the most important lessons she learned was that you can’t make good pictures without understanding the story.

“And, you can’t understand the story without getting to know the people you are photographing.  You have to build relationships – and trust,” the article read.

I heard myself saying aloud, “Yup!” Even though I never studied photojournalism in college, the importance of trust between subject & photographer was something I quickly understood was essential. Over the years, it’s something Andy & I have worked hard to build with our couples & families. And, we like to think the payoff is not only photos that people respond to, but we get to keep telling the ongoing stories of some pretty amazing people, like Jenn and Pete.

We first photographed Jenn & Pete 6 years ago, for their Wequassett Wedding, then again in 2010 when we got to photograph their baby girl, Julianna. And, when we found out that their family had expanded by another member, and they wanted to share that with us, we were super excited. We headed out to Harwich, to Jenn’s parents’ home and spent a couple of hours playing & documenting.

It was a stinkin’ hot day, one where Mother Nature couldn’t decide what she wanted to do, except make all of us sweat like crazy. One minute it was raining. The next it was bright & sunny. But, we all just went along with it, moving in & out and having fun watching Julianna & her baby brother, Braedon, play. Here are a few of our favorite moments from our time together:

Sweet Julianna and her doggy pal, Winston, who has a funny habit of carrying his bowl around with him when he feels not enough attention is being paid to him. Too funny…and super cute!

Julianna’s baby brother, Braedon, is as cute as they come. Gotta love the tiptoe reach for the door…allllmost little buddy.

Watching the rain outside…and more delicious tiptoes.

A break in the rain and some time for a little walk on the beach…

Children are our very visual reminder that life goes by fast and it’s always good to take a moment to stop & smell the roses…or in this case, lilies.

Braedon got a kick out of touching the flowers….aaaahhh, life’s simple pleasures.

Julianna & her buddy….

spin me more mommy….

Our happy family…love these guys.

Hey blue eyes….

Time for an animal cracker break…can we talk about the pursed lips for a second? precious!

As is this cheeky expression….could be my favorite from the day.

Julianna isn’t quite big enough to support her baby brother, who weighs almost as much as she does. She tried to hold him, but it didn’t quite work out. Still, the attempt and even collapse, delighted both of them….and us.


The whole gang….

As we were leaving, Julianna & Braedon went outside for a little play time in their fountain. Again…it’s the simple pleasures that are often the best!

Jenn & Pete thank you both so much for inviting us back again to document you and your beautiful family. Thank you too for being so patient with the weather. Your babies are beautiful and so much fun to play with! We look forward to the next time we get to see you all again! Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this time in your lives and summers spent in Harwich! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo