If you follow this blog, you’ll likely remember Ronnie & Frank and their beautiful girls, Kim & Lauren and their hubbies and kiddos, although we have a couple of new additions this year, who you’ll meet in a minute!

We adore this family and consider them very special members of our bello family. They are warm & wonderful and full of LOVE and goodness and we just love spending time with them.

We first met Ronnie & Frank seven years ago and much has changed for their family in that time. Both of their girls have married and started families of their own. With everyone scattered in different parts of the country, it’s not often they all get together, so when they do it means a lot. And, to commemorate the occasion, Ronnie & Frank have invited us to their home in Truro the past two years to photograph their gang of merry-makers and document all of the love they share.

We last got together a few weeks ago on one of those sweltering July days. We had a blast photographing them in their yard and at the Truro Lighthouse. After the session, we put down our cameras and broke bread, sharing a delicious dinner Ronnie had prepared and talking for hours. Sometimes I wonder how we can call what we do work. Truly!

Here are a few of our favorite moments from our time together:

Love this family!

T.L., Lauren and li’l Lincoln. Such a sweet family and can we talk about this father & son moment? LOOOVE!

I’ve never known cooler parents than these two. Mark and Kim make having three kids look easy. And, their sweet little lovebugs, Wake, Hadley & baby sister Piper are too sweet and so much fun to photograph!

It was a super hot & sunny day, but these guys didn’t sweat it. I just love this next photo. Hadley & PK are not looking at the camera and Wake is trying to smile his snaggletooth grin, but it’s not quite working out. But, this is what family is all about right…it’s perfect in its imperfections!

Down to the beach to cool off and play for a bit…

Ronnie & Frank with all of their sweet grand babies! Life is good when you’re surrounded by so much love!

A kiss for momma and precious PK with her sweaty brow melt my heart!

Mark & Wake check out some stuff in the garden…

Much to her delight, Wake gives his big sister a daisy he picked from the garden. Can we talk about how chuffed he looks with himself for his good deed? Honestly….too darned cute!

Sweet Lauren, T.L. and their munchable little guy, Lincoln.

Lincoln looks pretty content to be playing on a blanket with his cousins, and cheeky as heck as his mom & dad share a smooch. Love it!

I asked Lauren & T.L. to lie on the grass for a less formal family portrait, but Lincoln was confused and I think he was grabbing his momma’s hair in an effort to try and sit up. But, I love all of their expressions and again…sometimes perfection can be found in the imperfect.

Momma kisses….not much beats those.

I just love this beautiful moment captured by Andy. Mark & Kim were playing with their kids and Ronnie is watching all of the action unfold with such pride, love & gratitude written all over her beautiful face. It is these moments that make life so sweet.

Hey sugarplum….seriously, can we talk about the eyes and delicious cheeks on this little sweaty monkey? Mmmmm good!

Playing chase, Wake thinks he’s hiding, but we can see you little man. Like her baby sister, Hadley has the most gorgeous blue eyes. I could get lost in the depths of these eyes.

Smooches & cuddles with his grandma….

Guys, thank you all so much for sharing your time together and for being so much fun to be around and, of course, to photograph. Thank you too for the delicious dinner! It was so fun to get to just hang out for a while and catch up! We love you and hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this changing time in your family’s life. Can’t wait to see who might join us next year! (no pressure, just sayin’) Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo