Life is full of twists and turns. You think you’re headed in one direction, then suddenly, life puts something unexpected in your path and sends you off in a completely different direction.

For what seemed like years before I met Andy, I wanted so badly to be in a relationship…to find the love of my life, someone with whom to share the journey. Friends would tell me, “It’ll happen when you least expect it.” And, while I believed there was some truth in those words, it was hard to not expect it, when all I wanted was to find it. So, I hit the road and shifted my focus to finding out more about me. Then…just as my friends had said…it happened, when I least expected it. And, in a place I never imagined….Spain.

Yes, I had to travel nearly 4000 miles to find my true love. Fortunately, for Liz & Craig, all they had to do was walk across the hall.

But, like Andy & me, Liz & Craig also started out half a world away from each other. Craig grew up in an Italian family in Rhode Island.  Liz spent her childhood in the Philippines before moving to the States. Happily, fate led them to an apartment complex in Providence, where they were neighbors. They would often see each other around the building, and exchanged pleasantries, but nothing much deeper than that.

One day, while outside with their dogs, Maris & Cookie, life threw something unexpected in their path, and their neighborly relationship shifted. Craig confided in his pretty neighbor that he recently broke up with his girlfriend and was now single.  Liz was struck that Craig felt so comfortable to open up to her in such a way.  From that exchange, a friendship quickly blossomed.

Living alone, but loving to cook, Liz would often prepare large meals and invited Craig over for dinner. Although Liz admits she was slow to realize how strong Craig’s affections had become, eventually, she, too, found a deeper connection with the handsome man across the hall.

“We spent a lot of time together, and I just realized that I cannot be without him. His love is my security; without it, I would be lost,” she said.

“I knew Liz was the one for me when I couldn’t get her out of my mind,” Craig told us.

In the end, Craig (& Maris) also won over Cookie, who Liz admits generally does not get along with others. All four now happily share a loft and Liz & Craig share dinner together every night. This May, they will say, “I do!” in an intimate ceremony on the beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Yaaay for happy endings and paths that lead us where we were always meant to be!

We got to meet these two sweethearts last week, when we photographed their love session in the city they call home…Providence, RI. Liz & Craig really wanted to do something at some of the spots that are important to them, and like me, Liz was hoping it might snow. Happily, Mother Nature  complied.

It was freezing, but pretty, romantic and the perfect atmosphere for snuggling with your sweetie. Here are a few of our favorite moments with this sweet, funny, warm & welcoming couple, who instantly felt like old friends.

Meet Liz & Craig…

We love how easily they make each other (and us) laugh!

Craig, like most of the guys who come before our cameras, was slightly apprehensive about being photographed. “I take a terrible picture,” he told us. Ummmmm, this next photo says otherwise, my friend!

Are they a cute couple, or what!!!?!

Love is…the city that stole your heart, softly falling snow, and taking cover with your best friend.

This next one melts my heart….

Fun, fun, fun!! Gotta love a girl who can work six inch heels in the snow…on cobblestone. Way to rock it, Tata!!

Work it you two…work it good!!

There is no better place, than in the arms of the one you love…especially when it’s twenty-nine degrees and snowing.

Hummuna. Hummuna!

There’s nowhere I’d rather be, than by your side!

Jumping for joy…or maybe just to get warm. Okay, I admit it…we asked them to.

Waterfront Park in Providence has a very cool exhibit that showcases tiles made by the city’s residents. Wish the Cape had more community art projects like that! So fun!

I see love!

Framed by winter berries hanging off a nearby tree…aaaaaah, so pretty!

Blowing snow and some serious ice!

The look of love! Doesn’t get much better than this!!!

What’s so fun about working with Andy is how we can see exactly the same thing in such different ways. Can you tell which is his and which is mine?

When talking about where to take photos, Liz mentioned Mama Kim’s Korean BBQ food truck, which is where she & Craig went one late night after their first date. She raved about the food and we loved the idea of incorporating a food truck in the city into the session. Plus, it was lunch time…and Andy gets grumpy if he’s not fed regularly. I love Liz’s expression in this next one…not sure if she’s excited about lunch or getting to be a star for the day, but it makes my heart smile just the same! Honestly, being with Liz is like carrying a hug in your pocket. She’s full of love and, like Craig, we’re smitten!

Yaaay for love & lunch and Mama Kim’s!


Deeeee-licious Beef Bulgogi sliders, made from shaved sirloin, sautéed onions, mushrooms in house marinade with wasabi-aioli sauce. They were ridiculous! We went back for seconds!  If you’re ever in Providence at lunch time, head to the Brown University campus and you’ll find Mama’s Kim’s truck. It’s not to be missed! We’re already planning our next trip to Providence just for a refill.

All in all…it was a most successful morning/afternoon! And, the smiles on our happy couple’s faces say it all!

Liz & Craig…thank you both sooooo much, for sharing your time & your hearts with us! It felt so comfortable and natural with you right from hello! We’re so glad you found us and we look forward to hanging out again in the city soon!! For now, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of the beautiful love you share…with each other and with the city you call home! Big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxox