Michaela & Wally met in the summer of 2009. They were both enjoying a couple of cold ones at the Kettle Ho in Cotuit, watching the Red Sox game with friends. A look across the room, some pleasant conversation, and, an instant connection was made.

“We exchanged phone numbers and violated all of the rules of dating by seeing each other the next day,” they told us.

To heck with rules, Michaela & Wally continued to see each other for the rest of the summer, until Michaela went back to NYC to finish her senior year of college. Wally, the then sports editor for the Cape Cod Times, stayed on the Cape, but the two kept in touch until Michaela graduated and moved back home.

They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Although there have been ups and downs, they’ve endured them together and grown stronger and more committed to one another because of them.

One of the challenges included Michaela taking a job in Arizona. Realizing he couldn’t live without her, Wally left his job at the paper and followed her. And, this summer, the pair will return to the Cape, where their story began, to say, “I do!” at the beautiful seaside Wequassett Resort in Chatham.

We got together with these sweethearts just before Christmas, for their bello love session, at some of their old haunts in Cotuit. It was freeeezing, but as is so often the case when it’s cold….that just meant more snuggling, which is A-okay with us. Here are a few of our favorite moments with these warm, funny, serious sports fans and just all around good people, who obviously love & respect one another in a way that reinforces why we love our work!

Ladies & gentlemen,  Michaela & Wally…

Snuggling in some sea grass…

The light in the winter is different…cooler…than it is in the summer. And, on a fresh, somewhat overcast day like we had for our session, the color of the sky against the dried beach grass is a sweet contrast to the pop of green in Michaela’s shirt.

Same moment, different perspectives…

Hey cuties….

Nothing like a stroll on the beach on a chilly early winter day.

Love Michaela’s three monogrammed stacking rings that spell out her soon-to-be new initials.

love me some winterized beach grass…

As dreamy as winter beach grass is, I just love a quiet walk in the woods when the leaves and the Cape Cod crowds are gone…

happy, happy, happy…

Sweet, pretty Michaela and her adoring, cuddly mister.

a walk in the woods…

Love this next shot of Michaela and her gorgeous green eyes.

Nothing is better than being in the arms of the one you love…don’t you agree?

Love is….moments like this, when the only thing that matters is the one you love!

just love when our couples let their guard down as our sessions go on and give us a glimpse into who they are…like this next photo of Michaela. love her expression!

yaaaay for love!

And, at the end of the session, we headed to the place where it all began…The Kettle Ho, for a couple of cold ones, and some Pats’ supporting.

Thank you Michaela & Wally for making time for us during your brief and busy visit home. Thank you too for braving the chilly temps and most especially, for being so much fun to not only photograph…but also to be around. We can’t wait to be there with you, your families & friends this June when you say, “I do!”  Big hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo