Ashley & Alex met briefly three years ago while visiting friends in the Hamptons, but it wasn’t until last summer, when they bumped into each other again on Nantucket that a love interest had sparked. Alex saw Ashley and asked a mutual friend for the 4-1-1. The friend gave a glowing endorsement and wisely, Alex reached out via e-mail.

“It took us a month to connect for our first date,” Ashley told us.” He was very witty and sweet on text. I was very sassy on our first date…the conversation was perfect and we ended up closing down the bar. As we walked out, I knew I had found something very special. I think Alex put it perfectly once when he said our souls connected long before we really got to know it’s other. It’s the truest thing – I knew from so early on that I never wanted to leave him.”

Although he says he doesn’t believe in love at first sight, Alex told us something in him clicked when he first met Ashley. “It was most definitely different than most casual meetings, more of a spark, curiosity, and no propensity to end our initial meeting early,” he said. “It felt natural, nothing was pressed or exaggerated; our conversation was smooth and fun…there wasn’t any pressure. I left feeling settled, not anxious or nervous. It was almost no question we would see each other again….sooner than later.”

Fast forward a year later and these two smitten souls are planning their wedding for next September at the Boston Public Library. And, Andy & I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this exciting time in their lives.

We first met Ashley a couple of years ago, when she was a bridesmaid in the AHH-MAZING Wychmere Harbor Club wedding of super cuties Laura & Brian. I got to spend a lot of time with the girls before the wedding and had so much fun, feeling more like I was hanging out with old friends than girls I’d just met. I’ve been secretly hoping that if Ashley or Bernadette (sweet Aynslie was already hitched to a super sweet guy) got engaged that they might give us a call. Same holds true for Brian’s single besties, James & Chris. We really had so much fun with all of them! And, we expect we’re going to have just as much fun with Ashley & Alex and their friends & family! These are some seriously good peeps.

We got to meet Alex’s dad, Jim, a couple of weeks ago, when we met our happy couple at Alex’s parent’s beautiful home/former farm in Concord. It was a perfect fall day and with so many beautiful backdrops to choose from, Andy & I were in hog heaven! See for yourself…

A tender touch, the kind that makes a grown man blush….be still my heart!

Loved the outfits Ashley & Alex choose. The colors matched perfectly with the fall setting and complimented their stylish personalities. Love me a good leg shot…

Happiness is…being in the arms of the one you love!

Getting to photograph two people who clearly adore one another is something that seriously makes me happy. The hours spent in front of the computer afterwards editing….not so much. But, capturing moments like these….love, love, love!

I’ve got you, babe!

A quick change into something a tad more casual and it’s off to play in the leaves…

When we first got to Alex’s parents’ house, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous quintessential fall afternoon. Suddenly a sky full of clouds appeared. Sun is fun, but the beautiful soft light the clouds were offering was perfection.

You gotta love how looking into the eyes of the person you love most in the world can just light up a face….or in this case…two!

You + Me = We

Falling in love is so much fun…

We decided to stroll down to the old barn for a different perspective. Although there aren’t animals at the farm anymore, there’s still plenty of charm and beautiful pastures. It was a spectacular place to set two photographers loose!


Stealing a snog & a snuggle along one of the stone walls outlining the property….loooove Ashley’s expression in the photo on the left!

Gooooooood lovin’…..

I know the feeling Ashley is experiencing in this next photo and it’s THE best! Loved, safe, secure and totally adored. Life is good!


Alex has a great senses of humor…he’s silly & goofy and if you haven’t noticed….Ashley is head-over-heels.

Hummuna, Hummuna!

Soft wispy grass and a couple in love…it doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

Fave of the day…

Ashley & Alex, Thank you both so much for choosing us as your photographers and for sharing this exciting time in your lives with us! You two are adorable and we can’t wait to be there with you, your families and friends when you say, “I do!” next September! We just know it is going to be a day filled with love & celebration, and no doubt oozing with lots of stylish details that will leave us (and your guests) wanting to do it all over again! Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of all of the goodness still to come!

With thanks & big hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo