Last night we had dinner with our friends, Mauri & Chris, who will say, “I do!” in Chatham next month. They were on the Cape for a very brief visit, to get their marriage license and follow up with a few of their other wedding vendors.

As always, our time with them was filled with happy chatter, laughter and lots of love. As we were saying goodbye, they were commenting on all the good stuff on our blog lately. They were struck by how many of our couples come back to us years later to document their next happy life milestones.

“You really ought to market yourselves as photographers for life,” they told us. I admit, Andy & I LOVE this idea!

Although most of our couples do not live on the Cape, and many are not even based in Massachusetts, we really hope our relationships with them do not end when the music stops playing. Sure, the wedding is over, but life as a married couple is just beginning and we hope they see this as the beginning of a new chapter, both in their lives and in their relationships with us. We hope they feel as Mauri & Chris do…that we are to be their photographers for life….documenting all of the wonderful milestones that make life worth living…babies, family, birthday & anniversary celebrations, etc.

We love our bello couples, families & babies and truly see this incredible network we have as much, much more than our clients. They are our bello family. And, we cherish them, the faith they put in us, and the richness their presence has brought to our lives. Even if several years pass between our reunions, the warmth & friendship remains and makes our work so much more rewarding!

Such was the case a couple of weeks ago when we got together with Lauren & Garrison, whose AMAZING Wequassett wedding we photographed five years ago (pre blog). A lot has changed for them over the years, namely that they now have two beautiful, sweet, happy children ~ Julia & Oliver. We had photographed them two summers ago, when Julia was just a tadpole and without her baby brother. But, earlier this year, they welcomed sweet Oliver to the family and asked us back to the family’s summer home in Chatham to document this next happy milestone.

We, of course, accepted….with pleasure! And, our time together was much like reuniting with family….hugs & hellos and even a few tears. Oliver took a while to warm up to us…to me in particular. I won’t lie…it hurt a little. Babies usually love me…that sounds braggish, I know, but it’s true. But, before long, I’d won him over….and in return he stole a little piece of my heart.

Here are some highlights from our super fun, super relaxing time together…

Clinging tightly to his Mr. Elmo, Oliver checks us out with a bit of wonder and, dare I say, trepidation. Can we talk about those big beautiful brown eyes? Mmmmm good!

Beautiful, happy, fun Julia. She’s a big girl now and though she didn’t remember us, we were instant friends! Yay!

Mr. Happy is all warmed up now….gummy deliciousness!

Julia playing with her daddy! fun, fun, fun!

Pig pile on mommy….be still my heart! I imagine these moments are the ones parents live for!

And these too….can we talk about that baby chub and those crazy beautiful eyelashes on happy Mr. Oliver.

Julia is lucky to have got her mom’s gorgeous curls and her beautiful smile…which she wears on her beautiful face often.

Happiness on the face of a child….does it get much better than that? I think not!

Higher Daddy!!! Weeeeeeeeee

Love the joy & feeling of motion in this next one! Those curls….aahhhhh!

Beautiful babes….

I love the serenity I feel coming from Julia in this next one as she sits on the beach grass and checks out her surroundings…such a lovely, quiet moment.

Telling us a story as she speaks with her sweet little hands. Too cute!

Our happy family…LOVEEEE!

Oliver was getting a bit hungry (translation…bored of photos) so Garrison took his little man up to Grandpa for a bit of a break.

While Lauren & Julia checked out the local fauna…including a sweet little grasshopper with whom Julia became smitten.

Without hesitation, she picked up him, studied him for a bit, then gave him a sweet (and completely unprompted) kiss and gentle stroke, before sending him on his way. Be still my fragile heart! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! these two pics of her.

Two more faves….

Little miss independent struts off to search out some more beach grass to snack on (i tried it too…salty, but not bad) while we had a minute with our very cute and very happy mommy & daddy….

We have a photo almost exactly like this of these two at their love session (pre wedding) nearly 6 years ago. You two look as fabulous as ever! xo

“I’mmmmm hungrrrryyyy noooowwwwww! This photo session is interrupting my dinner time and I’m not happy with you lady,” I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Oliver was thinking in this moment.

“Okay, food’s here…we’re friends again.” Yup, I’m a funny lady…babies love me. lol!

And, I looove them and all their precious little bits. I mean, can we talk about Oliver’s eyelashes….to die for!

A momma’s loving look into the eyes of her sweet babe. Yup, that’s love in its finest form!

Grampa Tony…we love him.

So does Julia….swooooooooon.

Grampa you’re funny….

Hey momma…let’s play.

And, then I’ll eat your face off….Mmmmm delicious!

These photos really make me happy and we hope they do the same for you! Lauren & Garrison…thank you both again so much for once again entrusting your beautiful family to us. We adore all of you and had such a fun afternoon/evening reconnecting and playing with the kids. You really do make ’em sweet and oh so beautiful! We hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this exciting time in your life as your family grows and adds even more love & light to the world!

With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo