We first met Betsy & Josh six years ago, when we photographed their AMAZING  Chatham wedding. We’ve kept in touch over the years and their names always come up when we meet with a new couple and they ask the question, “What happens if it rains?”

Let’s face it, no one wants rain for their special day, particularly if you’re coming to Cape Cod as a destination wedding. Sun-drenched sand dunes, silvered cedar shingles, sailboats, and summer fun are what come to mind when most people think about Cape Cod.

We do, however, get our fair share of rain here, and so it’s good to have a back up plan, particularly when planning an outdoor ceremony & tented reception. But, even with rain, it will still be one of the best days of your life, we tell them.

Betsy & Josh’s wedding was the perfect example of this. They were supposed to have an outdoor ceremony, on a bluff in Chatham, with a tented reception to follow.  And, though it doesn’t happen often, theirs was one of those days when the rain came fast & hard and lasted all day. I mean, there was no break in the weather. To make matters worse, when Betsy & her bridesmaids showed up to the salon the morning of the wedding to have their hair & make up done the doors were locked and all of the lights were out.

Yet through it all, Betsy remained cool as a cucumber. We’d seen lesser brides crack under the stress of the wrong color lilies. But, there was Betsy, facing the storm of the summer and no salon….yet, through it all,  she was happy.

“All I care about is I get to marry Josh today. He’s the man of my dreams,” she said.

Perhaps their family & friends were reacting to Betsy & Josh’s upbeat attitudes, or maybe because they are such wonderful, loving, super sweet people, they attract equally fabulous people to them, or maybe it was just the rain….whatever the reason,  their wedding remains one of my all time favorites.

People really had a blast. The love in the air was almost palpable and though folks had to dodge heavy rain to get to the bathrooms, no one complained. Quite the contrary…it was a celebration of epic proportion.

Here’s a look back at our very happy bride….love the sheer joy on Betsy’s face. Makes me happy!

Unfortunately, we hadn’t seen Betsy & Josh after their wedding until a couple of weeks ago, when we got together with Betsy’s whole family for a reunion and bello family session. It was so great to see everyone again, and to meet Betsy & Josh’s son, Kyle, who is a total love bug, and a little ball of energy.

Here are just a couple of photos of our dear friends Betsy, Josh & Kyle. We love you guys and hope you love these photos as much as we loved spending some quality time together again after all these years.

Our happy family…

A momma’s hug…there are few things better in life than this!

Except maybe some one on one time with Daddy…

There are those expressions of utter delight so often found on the faces of these two exceptional people. Run, Kyle. Run!!

Mmmmmm good…

Catch me if you can, Daddy!

Love is…moments like these!

Thank you Betsy, Josh, Kyle and the whole family for welcoming us back into your lives with the same warm smiles & heart-felt embraces. We adore you all and feel blessed to have you in our bello family! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxoxo