When a man really loves a woman it is easy to see. It’s in his eyes when he looks at her. It’s in his touch when he gently reaches out to her. His face lights up at the very sight of her. And you just know that he would do anything for her, anything to keep her safe, keep her happy and keep her close to him.

It’s a beautiful thing when a man really loves a woman. It gives us hope and reminds us how lucky we are that such love exists in the world. It sounds a bit corny, I know, but it’s true. And, the amazing September 6th Wequassett wedding of San Francisco sweeties, Ryan & Anette, is one of those love stories.

Andy & I first saw proof of their love when we photographed them with Ryan’s family last summer, and then again at their love session with us this past July. But, something happens on a couple’s wedding day. Some special magic lingers in the air and emotions reach a happy crescendo that makes even the most beautiful love shine brighter than the brightest star in a clear October sky.

Words don’t really do justice to that kind of love, so we’ll let the photos do the talking….

This could be one of my all-time favorite ring shots we’ve done. When we first arrived for some getting ready photos, Ryan’s mom, Terri, gave me a bag of these Hersey’s kisses, which had Ryan & Anette’s names & wedding date on the bottoms and had been put in the guests’ gift baskets. I just loved the idea of kisses and thought they’d be great to use for a ring shot with the invite. I don’t know why, but I just love this shot.

Anette is unquestionably beautiful. She’s got a sweet, warm, natural grace about her and I just love this shot of her getting her lipstick applied.

I remember feeling exactly this way on my wedding day….all of a sudden it just hits you that all of the pieces you’ve spent the past year finalizing are finally coming together and you’re about to marry your best friend! Such a great feeling!!!!

Sweet, handsome, lovely Ryan…..

Ryan with his mates….

Anette is being led by her mom & dad, as Ryan closes his eyes in anticipation of the moment he catches his first glimpse of his lovely bride-to-be.

I love this shot…I love how the veins on Ryan’s forehead are bulging because he’s trying to hold back the flood of emotions. I love how tightly they’re holding each other and I love that Anette’s dad is in the foreground, watching as his baby girl leaves his embrace to embark on this new adventure!!!

The look of love….

While I was up on the hill shooting down to catch that first glimpse moment, Andy was in the thick of it and I absolutely LOVE this shot….I love they way they are holding each others’ hands with such love & intensity! And, could two expressions ever speak of more joy than these? Making the moment even richer are the expressions of their friends and family, who seem to be enjoying the moment almost as much as Anette & Ryan!

Down to the dock for a few shots of our love birds. Getting to do the photos before the ceremony really is so much more relaxing and less stressful for us and for our couples, who then get to enjoy their cocktail hour uninterrupted.

There is no place better in the world…than in the arms of your soul mate!

Celebrating with friends & family!

Then off to the Ketubah signing. I just love this stolen moment as Anette & Ryan soak in the meaning of the commitment they’re making to each other.

Signing on the dotted line…

After they signed the marriage contract, family & friends each offered wishes of love and happy hopes for their future. Here Ryan & Anette react to all the love.

Ryan was walked down the aisle by both his mom and dad and I just love this shot of Terri giving her son a big hug. Watching my sisters become moms and seeing the love their have for their babies makes me appreciate this moment so much more.

Similarly….I love this series. Look at Terri watching her son as he watches Anette make her way down the hill to him. LOVE it!!!


Again, Terri’s face in this next one makes my heart smile! She looks so proud of her son and so happy for the love he has found in Anette.

These two looked like this pretty much the whole ceremony. It really is wonderful to get to be around this kind of love on a regular basis!

It was unseasonably chilly during the ceremony and one of Anette & Ryan’s ring bearers, Charlie, get a little snuggle time to help keep warm.

Sealed with a kiss…

The moment after the kiss, from a different perspective! This could be my favorite photo of the day. I just love their expressions. They both look so over-the-moon happy!

Having two photographers really does make a difference when it comes to capturing different moments and perspectives. Because right after I caught that last image, Anette & Ryan headed down the aisle together for this moment, which Andy was able to capture. And, if there weren’t two of us, one of these moments would have been lost.

The happy couple…

Some details from their incredible day!

Ryan’s sister, Leigh, gets down during the reception. What I love most about this shot is how Reese, one of the flower girls, is looking up at her with such adoration.

The band, Radiance, rocked the house.

The clouds were moving fast in the night sky, which was illuminated by the moon, as some brave guests weathered the cool evening temps.

Ryan & Anette’s wedding was everything we had hoped it would be and so much more!!! We were really fortunate to have had the chance to spend more time with them than we do with most of our couples and we really became invested in them and making sure their wedding day was captured with the love, care and respect they deserved and they so willingly share with each other. Big thanks to Terri & Alan for having such faith in us from the very beginning (even before the engagement was official!) and to your whole family for welcoming us with such open arms and open hearts!!! We look forward to being a part of your family’s annual tradition here on the Cape for many years to come!!

But, our biggest thanks go out to Anette & Ryan for sharing such a special time in your lives with us and for inspiring us with your beautiful love!! Getting to be there with you both on your wedding day was not only an honor and a privilege, but it was truly a joy!!! We wish you both much love and hope these photos serve as happy reminder of your incredible wedding day for MANY happy years to come!!

With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo