It wasn’t that long ago that we got to hang out with Ingrid & Simon for their super fun love session here on the Cape. Simon was only in the country for a short time and had to rush back to England to get his visa sorted before the wedding. So, we felt very grateful that they shared their limited time together before the wedding with us.

They are fun, sweet, smart, sexy, subtly reserved, yet completely funny. They are a perfect pair and we knew after our afternoon together that we were going to have a blast at their wedding. And, as expected, we weren’t disappointed!

Ingrid & Simon’s wedding at the Wequassett Resort in Chatham two weeks ago was picture perfect! The sun was shining, it was pleasantly warm, Ingrid & Simon looked amazing, and all the details they had worked so hard on over the past year came together perfectly! It was a photographer’s dream!

Here are a few of our favorites from their special day…

Ingrid is pretty tall, so she chose these super cute flats to accompany her stunning Jenny Packham gown.

Putting on her earrings…

A slightly different perspective. Check out Ingrid’s killer bling! Love it!!!

Simply gorgeous! I just love her adorable headband…so different and very Ingrid. Her hair, which came out INCREDIBLE was done by the talented Yasmin Kfoury.

Ingrid & her girls, including sis, Isabel (to Ingrid’s right)…

Simon, a fellow Brit like Andy, ties what looks like a Windsor knot…love the Windsor knots!

Hello handsome….

Simon’s adorable nephew, Oliver, (left) seems excited about the wedding! And Ingrid’s beautiful mom, Jill, gets ushered down the aisle by Ingrid’s cousin, James.

Ingrid is beaming as she’s led down the aisle by her dad, Richard (is he proud as punch, or what?). I love the big hug he gives Simon. Very sweet…and even sweeter when you know that Simon is apparently slightly intimidated by Ingrid’s dad. Richard is really just a big softie; I don’t know what Simon is worried about!

Excited to be saying, “I do!”

Simon, like my sweet Andy, had a hard time holding it together during the ceremony. It was the sweetest thing! He would look at Ingrid and have to look away before he lost it.

Their kiss was so sweet….loving and tender…and they just lingered there taking it all in. Lovely!

After walking down the aisle together, Simon had to duck behind the bushes for a minute to let all the emotion out. Ingrid left him to work it out. Very cute!!

This is one of our favorite shots of the day. With all the hustle & bustle around them immediately after the ceremony, in this moment it is as if there is no one else in the world.

Ingrid gets a congratulatory embrace from her 95-year-old grandfather….so sweet!

Taking a moment alone, Ingrid & Simon head to the water for some photos.


I love this one…..the perspective, the way they’re looking at each other, the late afternoon light. It all comes together for a snapshot of a perfect moment!

Simon has that classic English wit…he’s very funny. But, he’s also a boyishly bashful and I really see that in this next photo. To me, this next one really depicts Ingrid & Simon’s relationship.

Gorgeous centerpieces by the uber talented Karen of Lilac Florals combined white orchids and green & blue hydrangeas, which set of the linens perfectly!

Welcome the newly married and completely beaming couple…

There really is NO better place than in the arms of the one who loves you!

Thank you Ingrid & Simon for inviting us to be a part of such a special time in your lives. Simon, we’re VERY happy your visa came through in time. And, Ingrid, the elegant touches you put together for the wedding were so much fun to photograph! Thank you both for being so much fun to be around! The love you share is a beautiful thing and we look forward to seeing what the future holds in store for you both!

With love & hugs, Christine & Andy xo