Last Monday, we had a little reunion with our friends Nora & Jonny. We first met Nora & Jonny two years ago at the Cape Cod wedding of Jonny’s brother, Simon. Simon & Jonny, like Andy, are two Brits who married American girls. Ironically, they also happened to marry best friends. Confused yet?

Basically, best friends, Megan & Nora married brothers, Jonny & Simon. We photographed Megan & Simon’s lovely Willowbend wedding in 2007 and instantly hit it off with the whole family. Maybe it was the American/British connection that drew us to them. But, really, I think it is the fact that they’re super sweet, incredibly warm people and it was impossible not to like them!

Earlier this year, Nora contacted us to ask if we would photograph her family as they gathered from across the country for a reunion here on the Cape. We, of course, said, “Yes!!! Please!!” We love working with lovely people and after having met Nora, we knew her clan would be one we’d have some fun with!

We caught up with Nora & her family at the lovely oceanside Hawthorne Inn in Chatham, where they were all staying. The group included Nora, Jonny, their too-cute-for-words son, Jack (Nora & Megan each had their first child within two weeks of each other….too funny, right?!); Nora’s parents-Cheryl & Garry; Nora’s sister-Karen and her two also too-cute-for-words kids, Nicole & James; Nora’s brother, Greg, and Cheryl’s siblings and their spouses-Cathey & Hugh and John & Chris.

We had such a nice evening with everyone and hope our paths cross again on their next visit to Cape Cod! Thank you all for welcoming us with such open arms & open hearts! You have a lovely family and we feel truly honored to have been able to record your time together and hopefully to have captured the spirit of your wonderful reunion! With love & hugs, Christine & Andy!


Nora gives Jack a playful toss in the air as Jonny looks on.

Karen, James & Nicole make their own kind of starfish in the sand.

The head of the pack….Cheryl & Garry.

James get a little cuddle from his Uncle Greg. I have to admit…I would LOVE a photo like this with my nephew Calvin. The joy on the faces of these two just lights up my heart!

The whole gang….from left to right: Hugh, Cathey, Greg, Chris, John, Cheryl, Gary, Nicole, Nora, James, Karen, Jonny & a sleeping Jack (between the time change and all the excitement, our little guy decided to take a cat nap halfway through our session…bless him!)

Here’s our sleeping beauty!

Talk about beauties…..

James & Nicole are such a sweet pair and I love this shot…Nicole is holding a bird’s feather and James is looking up at his big sister with such love and adoration….life is all about these moments!!!

Lovely Nicole with her sweet eyes and gorgeous face!!!

Tender little James with eyes as blue as the ocean. I love this photo of him because like most kids his age, he tended to give that big “Cheese” smile, which I admit…I secretly love…but I wanted something more natural so I asked him to just smile with his eyes…and this is what he did. LOVE IT!!!

Jackie wakes up to rejoin the party! Yaaay!!! (I soooo don’t look that happy when I first wake up!)

Our happy family gets together for one last group shot in the warm evening light.

A boy and the beach….love it!!!

Exhausted from all the fun…Jack gets a lift from his dad…bye bye Jack!!!

Big thanks again to Nora and her wonderful family for a really fun evening together!!! Hope you all had a safe trip back home and that we get to see you again on your next trip back to our sandy shores of Cape Cod!!! xoxox