Back in April, we had the pleasure of photographing Kirsten & Dennis’s love session in Cotuit, near Kristen’s family’s summer home. We instantly hit it off these two international sweethearts! They’re fun, smart, generous, sweet, loving, and like so many of our couples….BEAUTIFUL people. And, all of those wonderful characteristics came shining through in our session together. We got some really great photos (if I do say so myself) that seemed to perfectly capture their individual spirits and the relaxed easiness of their amazing relationship.

We often tell our couples that the complimentary engagement session we include in all of our album packages is a great way for us to all get to know each other better before their wedding. And, if our couples are at all nervous about being photographed, the sessions help work those kinks out and hopefully get them really excited about what we’ll be able to do for them on their big day. Our sessions are also really great for us! Not only are they they a super fun time out with our couples, but when everything falls into place perfectly….as our session did with Kirsten & Dennis…we get giddy with excitement about the upcoming wedding.

So, when Kirsten & Dennis’s big day had finally arrived, the anticipation had built to record levels! Knowing how good they are together, how important their friends & families are to them and how much effort they put into their special day, we had no doubt that Kirsten & Dennis’s wedding would be an incredible celebration of love, with lots of wonderful moments waiting to be photographed.

And, as predicted, they didn’t disappoint! The ceremony, which was held at the grand Christ the King parish  in Mashpee, was followed by a fabulous party at the waterside Nauticus Marina in Osterville. Family & friends from all over this country, Dennis’s home country of Holland, and the couple’s current home in Spain, came out to join in the celebration. Here are a few of our favorite moments from their incredible day:

A very relaxed and happy Kirsten shares a laugh with friends while riding on the trolley to the church!

Dennis & his groomsmen share a toast. Awesome perspective, no? I love this shot…nice one honey! (I generally go with the bride for getting ready photos and Andy goes with the groom…we’re a well oiled shooting machine!)

Kirsten & Dennis had all of the children closest to them (at least those who could walk) participate in the ceremony. It was slightly chaotic getting them all down the aisle…but seriously precious!!! I just love how the oldest, Aidan, Kirsten’s nephew, is helping lead the little ones! So sweet!

Here comes the bride (the benefits of having two photographers…two fun, but different perspectives.)

There is that moment, when you stand before those who love you most, pledging your life to the one you love most, and all is right with the world. Ahhh!

Adding to the joy and significance of the ceremony, Kirsten’s very sweet dad, David, sang a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria (the hard version!). I love Kirsten’s face as she watches her dad…almost as much as I love how he looks to the heavens for help in keeping his emotions together (at least that’s what I like to think…I’m not sure why he was looking up, but it was a very cool moment.). So sweet!

I like this little exchange between Kirsten & Dennis and then as they look out to the congregation and take it all in. These are the moments to savor!

The happy Mr. & Mrs. surrounded by love & bubbles!

Stealing a minute alone before family photos! Can’t you just feel the joy?

Dennis’ very sweet and incredibly chic mom, Sylvia (right), exchanges an excited, “He did it!” with a friend after the ceremony.

Kirsten’s adorable niece, Carys, looks like she wants in on the big girls’ photo!

Are they a sexy, happy couple, or what? And I just love Dennis’s traditional tux and tails! Very dapper!

Sealed with a kiss…

Kirsten & Dennis used a lot of green & blue in their wedding details…right down to Dennis’s argyle socks and Kirsten’s fabulous Stuart Weitzman shoes….So fun!!!

Some more blue & green…

Dennis works for Heineken International, so it was fitting that their wedding colors involved green and that the Dutch beer was a featured beverage during their weekend festivities. Andy calls this one “sweethearts.” So cute…and clever!

And because their reception was by the water, knots played a large roll in the details too, including the invitations, which featured a sketch by Kirsten’s very talented sister, Anik, a children’s book illustrator.

Kirsten put so much thought and effort into the details of her wedding, there was oodles of great stuff to photograph…here’s more of the special touches that peppered her & Dennis’s incredible wedding:

Their first dance was playfully fun and romantically sweet at the same time…just like Kirsten & Dennis!

I don’t know why, but I just love this photo…there’s so much going on and it really tells a story to me. I also love the way Kirsten’s niece, Dagny, with dolly & crayon in hand, looks suspiciously at Andy as he snaps the photo.

Taking a break from all of the excitement, Dennis & Kirsten steal a moment in Nauticus’ lighthouse. I grabbed this shot from inside the lighthouse, looking out at them…love the perspective through the window, no?

Friends of Kirsten & Dennis filmed their wedding weekend and quickly put a 5 minute video together that they showed on the tent ceiling at the end of the night. I love the expressions on Kirsten & Dennis’s faces as they watch the show! Dennis, like Andy, is a big softie! I just love that in a man!

The night ended with Kirsten & Dennis sailing off into the quickly fading sunset….the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Thanks, as always, to the incredibly talented, incredibly organized Olive Chase of The Casual Gourmet for making the day run so smoothly!!! You rock Olive! Thanks also go out to Ken Gault at Nauticus for providing such a gorgeous setting for photos, and to the talented folks at Flowersticks in Osterville for creating some beautiful centerpieces (love those peonies!), to Concetta and the First Class Band for rocking the party and to Meredith’s Bridal, for Kirsten’s STUNNING dress!

But, our biggest thanks go out to the families of Kirsten & Dennis and to the happy couple. THANK YOU, THANK YOU…for welcoming us into your lives with such open arms and open hearts! You made our job easy and we loved being a part of this special time in your lives! Kirsten & Dennis…you are wonderful and your love is inspiring…thank you for trusting us to capture that love for you in photos. We hope they serve as wonderful reminders of your perfect day!

With love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo