Jill & John’s wedding at the ocean-side Popponesset Inn in Mashpee, was one of those joyous celebrations of love that leave both Andy & me feeling like we want to get married again, and again!

Everyone at the wedding was just so happy to be there, fully ready to cheer on Jill & John as they pledged their love and their lives to one another. And, as for Jill & John…well, let’s just say it’s easy to see why everyone was so darned happy. These two really adore each other and are absolutely committed to their relationship. They put cotton candy to shame when it comes to the sweet meter.

It started out an overcast day, but we always tell our couples overcast is actually really good for photos. I’m pretty sure our couples think we’re just snowing them when we say this….like with that good old expression about it being good luck when it rains on your wedding day. Maybe that’s true, I’m not really sure. But, an overcast day really does provide some great even light for outdoor photography…especially on an open beach!

Here are a few of our favorites from Jill & John’s special day:

John’s sisters, Jacque & Madeline, make some last minute alterations as they prepare for the big day. I just love the lines their bodies make in this shot…it’s just so feminine! You rocked it girls!

Lovely Jill & her equally sassy sister, Ashley, struggle to pop open the champagne. This was actually quite funny. They struggled for a while before called in their Uncle Keith to save the day.

Jill gets help putting on her dress from sis, Ashley. I love Jill’s playful expression in this one!

John cracks up at his good friend & groomsman, Samir’s, lame attempt to tie a tie. Sorry Samir, but it is pretty pitiful!

John and his boys…Hey there McDreamy!!!

I absolutely love this next series. Jill & John’s seriously adorable flower girl, Megan, was so shy coming down the aisle. She hunched her shoulders as if to hide inside herself. It was PRICELESS!

Jill was absolutely beaming standing across the altar from John!!!

Welcome to the world Mr & Mrs….

“Can you believe it? We’re married!!!” How cute are the expressions on Jill & John’s face as they make their way down the aisle.

The girls decided they wanted to lift John up for a photo….it took a little more doing than they thought, which just made everyone crack up! Andy thought this was a fun perspective to highlight their efforts. I couldn’t agree more!

“The way you make..a me feeel!!!” I can’t help but think of that song when I look at this next photo!

Having a little moment…Jill & John style! If you’ve had your picture taken with us before, you’ll really appreciate this next one! LOVE IT!!!

See what I mean about overcast? Who needs blue skies when you get this kind of dramatic light! And how cool does the water look?

Jill didn’t tell us she was changing to a bird cage veil for the reception, but ooohhh do we love that she did….too cute for words!!! This shot was taken while the adorable best man, Casey, was giving his speech! Well done Casey! You rocked it out!!!

And just a few details from their fabulous day! We don’t usually help ourselves to cake at a wedding…feels a bit cheeky. But, we just couldn’t say no to the sweet temptation of Cupcake Charlie’s scrumptious creations. I’m pretty sure they made Hostess with the Mostess just for me!

We’d like to give a shout out to Judy Fligg at All About Flowers for putting together some lovely arrangements for us to photograph, and to DJ Danny Walsh for knowing how to get the crowd jumping…You rock Danny and always get us some great dancing pictures. We’d also like to thank the always professional, ever sweet, Jen Perry at Popponesset for being such a pleasure to work with! Thank you all very much!

And our biggest thanks go out to Jill & John and your wonderful families for welcoming us into your lives with such open arms and open hearts! We have truly loved getting to know all of you and feel really honored to have been there with you during such a special time!!! Love & hugs, Christine & Andy xo