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Candice : WOW!!!!! Oooooooh and aaaaaaaah!!!! LOVE the new look!!!!!!! SO stunning! Fresh and happy! Just like you guys!! xxx
Amy Dunkin Donnelly : Love the new site and branding--so elegant and chic-- like both of you!It really showcases your fabulous work! Congratulations! xoxo Amy & Terence
Mattion Grazier : Love it! Love you two! Miss ya tons!
Ronnie : I love how you guys always capture the elegance, depth & crispness in what you do.
Francie : hey, love your new site! Most professional photographing! Congratulations!
Mark : Just found your site. Some very beautiful work. Thank you

Our last wedding of the season could not have ended on a happier note than it did getting to be a part of Kelly & Bryan’s wonderful, love-filled celebration at the beautiful Black Rock Country Club in Hingham.

We had been looking forward to seeing Kelly & Bryan  say, “I do!” for quite a while, since we first met them at the wedding of Kelly’s very sweet cousin, Cara. We photographed Cara & Brendan’s Martha’s Vineyard wedding last year and fell head over heels for the whole family! And, when Kelly & Bryan told us they were engaged, we just knew we were in for another sweet treat with this pair, whose love & affection for one another runs deep and is easy to see!

All of this was confirmed when we photographed their engagement session earlier this summer in Sandwich.

But, the love could not have burned brighter than it did at their wedding a few weeks ago (okay, it’s been several weeks now….thank you K&B for your patience as we fell a bit behind this year….you guys rock!!).  It truly was a spectacular day and everyone (including me & Andy) had a fabulous time.

So….without further ado…..here’s a few of our favorite moments & details from Kelly & Bryan’s day of love!

LOOOOOVE Kel’s crazy cute and sparkle-liciously fabulous Kate Spade shoes. And, love her & Bryan’s beautiful commitment jewelery.

Kelly had these super sweet oxford shirts made for her and her girls to lounge in the morning of the wedding. Her shirt had a particularly cute touch! Love it!! And, love her BEAUTIFUL invites by Bella Figura. Letterpress & stylish calligraphy makes me swoon!

Our beautiful bride Kelly, gets a helping hand getting into her stunning gown from her crazy sweet momma, Dawn (love her!!) and one of her besties, her sister-in-law and MOH, Kristin. Isn’t Kelly gorgeous? And, that smile….lights up every room she enters!

Meanwhile, our handsome groom, Bryan, awaits the arrival of his soon-to-be Mrs.

Getting a look…..love this moment as brides see themselves all put together for the first time. You know how suddenly it hits you?….”This is really happening!” It’s so exciting and joyful and a little nerve-wracking in the best kind of way! (PS…love the look on Kel’s friend Nicole’s face as she catches a glimpse of her bestie….so sweet!)

Bryan and his brothers, P.J. and Andrew. Such sweet guys!

Bryan excitedly awaits seeing Kelly for the first time. Here she comes….

Loooooove Kelly’s expression as she locks eyes with Bryan for the first time. Happy tears….is there anything better? Maybe just the passionate embrace & love-filled kiss that follows!

Are they ready for this? Ummmmm…I’d say without a doubt, yes!

Love these two together….just so wonderful. Such love & devotion, and a kindness that is at once inspiring and simply beautiful to behold.

Kelly smiles with her entire being….especially when her gaze is cast on Bryan. And, seeing it happen is wonderfully infectious!

Kisses & cuddles and moments like this….just wonderful.

The look of love…..this is IT!

Stunning! And, so is Kelly’s beautiful bouquet by Jen Cahill at The Tangled Web.

To the rock that made Black Rock famous, for a few quite moments alone before the ceremony….

Hello beauties…

Dawn and Kelly’s brother, Billy, make their way to the ceremony….just love this sweet moment/exchange between mother & son on their daughter/sister’s big day! Sweetness overload!

Here comes our gorgeous bride and her proud papa, Bill. Nerves, excitement and love all rolled into one fleeting moment.

Love is this……when you look into the eyes of the person who holds your heart in their gentle embrace and you just know, beyond any doubt, that THIS is where you and your heart are meant to be….forever!

Watching Kelly  & Bryan recite their vows was so moving. I felt much as sweet Cara (center) did.

And with a kiss, a promise of love is forever sealed.

And, suddenly…..breath returns with joyful exhalation.

They did it!!! Wooooo hoooo! Now, let’s get this party started!

Lovin’ the sheer drapery & new chandelier. That wasn’t there the last time we were at Black Rock. It gave such an airy sophistication to the room and helped with bouncing flash (photographers will appreciate this). Also loved the gold chiavari chairs and beautiful floral arrangements by Tangled Web….stunning!

The cake by Veronica’s Sweetcakes in Marshfield was  perfection.

Kelly’s cousin, Joey, has a playful exchange with a guest on the lawn below cocktail hour. I don’t know why I like this photo so much, but I do. I just love photos that capture people unprompted and in moments unrehearsed.

Bryan chats with friends during cocktail hour.

Kelly’s niece, Emma, had everyone at the wedding wrapped around her precious little finger…including her cousin, Davin, who is quite the charmer himself! Meanwhile, wedding guests enjoy cocktail and good conversation.

These girls were having so much fun all day/night. Loved watching and photographing them.

Our happy couple during their first dance….smiles so big they lit up the room!

Kelly is one of the kindest, most loving, sincere, sweet, generous, delightful people and watching her as she listened to her sweet Dad sing her and Bryan’s praises was precious in every way!!! And, can we talk about Bryan’s sweet, humble face as he takes in the moment. LOVE these two!!

MOH Kristin also gave a moving speech that raised glasses high!

Daddy’s dance…one of my favorite moments of every wedding!

Raisin’ the roof….you go ladies!

Killin’ it, Kel!!!

I really wish Andy & I got invited to more weddings as guests because dancin’ with my honey is one of my favorite things to do…watching other honeys get down on it ain’t so bad either!

Who can guess what song was specially requested for this VERY HAPPY flower girl? I’ll give you a  hint…..Emma really ‘Let It Go’ big for this one!!! Much to the delight of EVERYONE in the room!

A perfect ending to a perfect day….and the beginning of a beautiful new chapter for two extraordinary people! Andy & I were soooo happy to have been a part of it!!

We’d like to extend a heart-felt thank you to Kim C. and all of the fabulous staff at the Black Rock Country Club for being so accommodating and generally wonderful to work with. Thank you too to Bill & Dawn for entrusting us with documenting your daughter’s special day, but most especially for just being the wonderful, warm, welcoming, fabulous people you are! We loved getting to share another happy milestone with your amazing family. And, thank you too to Bryan’s wonderful parents, Lauren, Paul & Greg, for also being so great to us! You all are very lucky to have so much love in your lives!! A special shout out too, to our sweet Cara for being such a huge Bello cheerleader!! Honestly, wish we could put you, Bren & Coops in our pockets and carry you around everywhere with us! But, the biggest thanks go to Kelly & Bryan for opening your hearts to us in such a beautiful way, for sharing one of the most significant and intimate days in your lives with us in such an honest way! We love you both as individuals and together….well, ain’t nothing going to stop you two!! Thank you for inspiring us with your boundless love for each other, for life and for those closest to you! We hope these photos serve as beautiful reminders of that love and of the wonderful memories made this beautiful day! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxoxo

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Cara : Perfection!! :) Kel, you are STUNNING! And the way you and Bryan look at one another says it all! Chris & Andy, thanks for perfectly capturing such a happy day!! xoxo

I am the first one to admit that I am waaaay happier behind a camera than in front of one. Without realizing it, I make funny faces when I know someone is taking my picture. And, the harder I try to look un-phased by the uncomfortable attention, the crazier I look.

We hear the same story from a lot of our couples…though I like to think that after a session with us, they quickly change their minds about how they look in photos.

Every now and then, however, we get a couple that loves to be in front of the camera (or at least one member of the team does). And, I have to say, these couples are reeeaaallly fun to photograph. Don’t get me wrong….I love a good challenge and relish proving our shy, “I’m -so-awkward-in-front-of-the-camera,” couples wrong. But, when someone enjoys being photographed, when they can easily cut loose and have fun being playful and interacting with their bit-o-stuff, all while knowing their are two cameras chasing them, well, it’s like the day after Halloween for me. You know, when you’re still high from the previous night’s sugar buzz, and yet have amassed enough candy to feed your addiction for weeks. Love that!

Randi & Mike are that kind of couple! Soooo ridiculously sweet and crazy fun to photograph. It doesn’t hurt that Randi has done some modeling and is a big goof, who loves hamming it up for the camera. And, Mike….he’s so smitten with his soon-to-be missus that he’d do anything for her and is happy to be at her side, no matter what they’re doing.

We got together with these two lovelies a few weeks ago in Randi’s hometown of Wellesley. We’ve known Randi for several years, having photographed the weddings of both her brother & sister. See a sneak peek of Ryan & Anette’s wedding HERE, and Leigh & Zach’s wedding HERE.

We’ve also photographed the whole family every year since first meeting them back in 2008. We just love this family and have loved watching it grow every year, with the addition of a new son- or daughter-in-law, babies and even puppies. They are firmly fixed members of our bello family and getting to bear witness to another wedding is such an honor and a privilege and we just know that Randi & Mike’s day will be overflowing with love & joyful celebration.

We seriously have the best job! It’s hard work for sure, but getting to be a meaningful part of telling a family’s story is so incredibly rewarding, especially with a family as wonderful as this!

Randi & Mike live in NYC, but came home for the weekend and we met up with them on a perfect fall afternoon. Most of the family was in town for the holiday, and it was great reconnecting. Have I mentioned how much we adore this family or how fun this wedding is going to be? Seriously, too excited!!!!

Anyway, here’s a look at our fun, flirty, fabulously fall session with super cuties, Randi & Mike!

Mike, Randi and their sweet pooch, Jack! Love these guys!!!

Randi & Mike got engaged this summer at Castle Hill in Newport. They will say, “I do!” next summer at the Wequassett Resort in Chatham, where they will have their ceremony & reception, and where we first met this beautiful family. Yaaay for coming full circle!

Laughter like this makes my heart purr!

As do snuggles like this….Think Mike is happy? Ummmm, yup!!!

The way these two love each other and just are together is beautiful to behold! Sooooo fun to photograph!

Love is…..taking time out of our busy lives to stop & just be….together!

When Randi smiles really big she gets the most adorable dimple on her upper cheek. I just love it….and her!

I’m obsessed with Randi’s crazy cute outfit and her legs that go on for days! You sexy thang!

Andy has a way of finding these unique perspectives…looking through fences or walls and creating such a cool natural vignette. Love it.

We asked Randi & Mike to grab a pile of leaves and have some fun by throwing them up in the air over themselves…..I’m not sure who had more fun, them or us watching them!

Chillaxing ever so stylishly…

LOOOVE this next one. It’s so them!!! Randi being playful, silly and annoying in the most delightful way, while Mike let’s her. Love. Love. Love!!! And, the color!!!!! I love fall so much!!

Sexy smooches….

One more stop down the street to one of our favorite little spots, where these two turned the playful dial to Super High!

This next one takes my breath away…love the motion of the people in the background, Mike’s content gaze and the way Randi’s hair blows in the wind. Easy, breezy, beautiful!

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

Sealed with a kiss…

“He likes it. He likes it. Hey, Mikey!” Most of you probably aren’t old enough to get that reference, but it made me chuckle, almost as much as Mike’s passionate kiss gave Randi the giggles in the next one.

You + Me = everything I need!

I love looking for interesting angles in a scene, but nobody does it better than Andy. Just love this perspective he got on the left, of the arched lamps highlighting our cuties. I often see Andy climbing this or that, lying on the ground or hunkered down behind something and I wonder, “What is he going for?”…and then I edit the photos and go, “Ahhhhhhh!” He’s so amazing!

You’ve heard me say it a million times, but there truly is no better place than in the arms of the one you love!!!!

Big thanks to Terri for finding us so many years ago and welcoming us into the family fold with such loving arms. Thank you & Alan for including us in all of your important family milestones, for showing us such unwaivering support over the years and for just being the incredible warm, wonderful, fabulous people you all are!! We love you guys and can’t wait to be a part of another family wedding!!! Randi & Mike, thank you both for making the trek up from the big city to spend the afternoon with us. Thank you for being sooooo much fun to photograph, for opening up and letting us in and showing us how beautiful your love truly is!!! We adore you guys and cannot wait to get your beautiful faces back in front of our cameras this coming summer!!! Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this exciting time in your lives and make you look forward to our time together again, as we do!! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxoxoxo

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Terri : You did it again you two extraordinary photographers! Randi & Mike's e-session is SENSATIONAL. I have so many favorites but top of the list are the photo with Jack, the one of them throwing the leaves, the two of them lying in the pile of leaves and the B&W photo. I couldn't be more thrilled as I know Randi and Mike will be when they see them. BRAVO. We love you two crazy and talented people! T.
Randi : You guys really are the best.. The way you captured Ryan & Anette, Leigh & Zach, and now Mike & Me is so amazing.. we all have such different and unique and GORGEOUS photos. I absolutely love these and could not be happier :) I never realized that I had an 'upper check dimple' until you wrote that.. and you are so right! I get the dimples when I am over-the-top-through-the-roof happy and, fortunately for me, I found the guy that brings them out. Mike makes me laugh and smile more than anyone else. Those dimples are on full display. Thank you Bello for the outstanding e-session and we look forward to next time when we finally get to seal the deal. xxoo!!
Shari Finsilver : Wow! Another stunning photo session. You guys are amazing. Yep, you definitely captured Randi & Mike ... & so beautifully. I just can't wait until the wedding. We'll have a ball. And wait until you see how much the grandkids have grown. Looking forward to seeing you in May! ... Auntie Shari
Mike : It has been an absolute pleasure working with you two exceptionally talented photographers, and I could not be happier with these pictures. I really had a great time taking the pictures in the heart of the Boston fall season, and the pictures in the leaves are my favorite. Thanks again, and look forward to the big weekend next May.
Bella : Thanks so much for these memorable pictures of my mom and my future daughter in law. I was brought to tears and could not be happier with these amazing pictures. I look forward to meeting you in person in next May, and snapping many, many more pictures.

Emily & Eric are passionate, busy teachers living and working at the Olney Friends School, a private Quaker boarding school located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Barnesville, Ohio.

With 350 acres, including a working farm, complete with goats, chickens, cattle and vegetable gardens, the school’s curriculum incorporates the area’s natural resources, allowing students to participate in various activities that help maintain the property, while providing experience-based science & math skills.

Andy & I put on our destination wedding photographers hats a few weeks ago and traveled to Ohio to see Emily & Eric for their engagement session. We were so impressed with the school, the students & staff we met, and the commitment our lovebirds have for their young charges and the beautiful place they now call home.

Living and working at the school, Emily & Eric are as dedicated as two people can be to education, their students, and the life they’ve created for themselves. Finding time to break away and come back home for some face time with us proved challenging, so we were happy to head out there to see them.

It was the first time Andy or I had ever spent any real time in Ohio and we loved it! It’s a beautiful area of the country, and getting to see Emily & Eric in their element gave us a deeper view into who they are and that which makes them tick, causing us to fall a little further in love.

Although it was the first time meeting Eric for us, we’ve known Emily for a few years now. We first met her back in 2008,  when we photographed the wedding of her sister, Pam, and her now husband, Erik.

Like Pam & Erik, Emily & Eric will also have their wedding ceremony & reception in the backyard of the girls’ family home in Sandwich, here on beautiful Cape Cod. Backyard weddings are our favorite kind! When you take such a meaningful ceremony and have it in a place that holds great meaning, surrounded by the people you love most…well, it’s just a winning combination that can’t be beat!

We met up with Emily & Eric after flying into Pittsburgh earlier that day. We spent a couple of hours touring the city, which we’d never been to and which we really quite enjoyed (When we get some free time, we’ll share a few photos of the City of Bridges here on the blog).  We then drove a couple of hours West to Barnesville, which is a pretty, small, rural town with a population of about 4300.

After settling in to the guest house on the campus, we headed out to dinner with our hosts and had a blast. The next morning, we scouted out the campus, looking for some sweet spots for photos….honestly, there was so much inspiration it was hard to pick just a few, but later that day, we spent a few hours playing and documenting Emily & Eric in the place they love.The results…..well, we hope they speak for themselves. Here’s a look at our super fun time with Emily & Eric…

Love in a goat barn….baaaaaaaa! (Sarah the goat was exceptionally interested in what we were doing. She’s such a sweetie.)

Hay piles + goats + a rustic barn and a crazy cute couple bathed in beautiful light = Heaven!

Sarah leading the tribe to check out what we’re up to…..

Hanging out on hay bails…

Looking good, y’all!

Gotta love a vintage old tractor.

The look of love…

A little roll in the hay…hey now!

Love this sweet exchange between Emily and one of the goats. So lovely.

Playfully perfect….

One of the two cows living on the campus. There are dozens more on a different plot of land not far from the campus, also owned by the school. But this young guy will likely be dinner down the road. I think his name was beef tips.

Maybe it’s because we don’t see many around the Cape, but I love me a big red barn…..add in some free roaming chickens and a cuddling couple, with fall’s changing leaves framing everything perfect….just awesome!


I’m not sure what kind of chickens these were…I know they were kept for their egg production, but they were super cute & curious, following us around everywhere.

Even for this quiet moment of cuddling, a couple of chickens hopped up on the hay bail to see what was going on.

Totally adorable…

This little guy got pretty friendly, even giving a peck at our happy couple.

Happy. Happy. Happy…

This is what love feels like…

Sweet, pretty, lovely Emily.

Emily is tiny in stature, though her big personality fits Eric’s perfectly.

Love this tender moment….

Sitting on a pile of logs…..why not!

Love that moment just before the kiss….precious!

These two are so perfectly suited to one another. Love these two!

They each have a witty sense of humor and know how to make each other laugh. Just love that!

Chilling out on the very cool suspension bridge on the campus. We were waiting for the sun to go behind the clouds, but I have to say….Eric didn’t seem to be in a rush to move.

I loooooooove me some tall grass mixed with wildflowers. A playful couple frolicking through? Yeah, I might have squealed.

Fall is my favorite season….the color, the freshness in the air, and the desire to cuddle is irresistible.

Moving on….love the natural expressions!

Collegiate color…

The look of love….ahhhhhh!

Love Emily’s expression in the photo on the right. Although these two were a little concerned about PDA…just in case their students caught wind of what was going on…we were able to find spots away from the kids and our lovebirds let their love shine!

And, sometimes….well, let’s be honest, PDA in front of two people pointing cameras at you can make you feel a little silly. Happily, these two make silly look good!

Heading back to the homestead…..this is the guest cottage and also where Emily & Eric have their apartment.

What’s better than snuggling on a porch swing with your sweetie? Not a lot!

Andy & I had soooo much fun on our visit to Ohio! Emily & Eric, thank you both so much for making us feel so welcome! Thank you for sharing yourselves with us and showing us around your school and your home! We loved sharing meals together and playing games is always a fave for us…even if you did kick our butts, Em! :) We hope you enjoy these photos, that they are a true reflection of who you both are, your beautiful relationship and this exciting time in your lives…both in your roles at the school, and also as you plan what will no doubt be an AMAZING wedding! We cannot wait to be there with you, your family & friends as you say, “I do!” and begin the next happy chapter in your lives! Until then, sending big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

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Emily : These are amazing! I was so nervous (as you know) as I don't think of myself as good in front of the camera. As I told you, I'm too much of a goofball! But these pictures are so sweet and do a wonderful job of capturing our relationship, silliness and all. We also had such a great time hanging out with both of you. Thank you times a million!
Andy & Chris : Sweet Emily, You are so very welcome!! I know you were nervous, but you guys were so great in front of our cameras. The way you care for and support each other is wonderful to be around. And, you, my sweet, are simply beautiful, inside and so obviously out. I like to think all of the wonderful sides of you both came shining through in these moments together. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us so completely! Loved every moment of our time together and can't wait to do it again on the Cape this coming summer! xoxoxo

Holly & Paul met in college, although not quite the way one expects to meet the person they will one day marry. Holly was a student at Providence College. Her dorm had strict rules about no boys after hours, but Holly’s room was on the lower level and often used by girls in the building to sneak friends in after curfew.

Paul was attending Mass Maritime Academy, but was in town to visit friends in Holly’s dorm and had to sneak in through Holly’s window to get to them. It was a quick hello…the kind you’d expect to make as a stranger sneaks in your window. And, neither of them thought much of the other until two years later when they were introduced through mutual friends at a concert.

“Paul was cooking hamburgers while we were tailgaiting and I offered him hand sanitizer because the thought of him touching all that raw meat without washing made me sick!” Holly told us. As a fellow half Italian gal, with a grandmother who was obsessed with washing hands, I totally get this.

Apparently her clean streak struck a chord with Paul, who remained by Holly’s side for the entire concert. “At first, I didn’t realize he was interested in me. I just found it odd that he was next to me every time I turned around,” she confessed.

Paul continued to pursue his hand-sanitizer-toting hottie via Facebook and the two arranged to meet up the following weekend and instantly became an item, who has been inseparable ever since.

Fast forward six years, and they are now planning their wedding for next summer at the beautiful Wychmere Harbor Club in Harwichport…and we cannot wait!!!

We got together with these two lovebirds a few weeks ago here on the Cape for their bello love session (aka engagement session, or as one of our adorable brides likes to call it…our snuggle session). It was our first time meeting Paul, but Holly has been part of our Bello family for quite some time now. We first met her when we photographed the wedding of her big sis, Michelle, back in 2007. Since then, we have got to see & photograph Holly when we did a family session for her, her brother, John, sis Michelle & her hubby, Dan, and Holly’s super sweet parents, John & Susan.  See more from our time together HERE. Michelle & Dan have had us photograph them and their kiddos almost every year since their wedding. We adore them and have had the pleasure of watching their 3 lovebugs grow!!! You can see some of our time with them HEREHERE, HERE and HERE.

We absolutely LOOOOVE it when we get to photograph weddings from the same family…it’s like coming home for us! And, we especially love it when families are as sweet as Holly & Michelle’s family. It’s extra fun when the couples are as adorable as these two! So, without further ado….please say hello to Holly & Paul!

I mean seriously…are these two cute or what??? And, like sooooo many of our couples, these two claim to be “pretty awkward when it comes to having (their) pictures taken.” Yeah, whatever! You two are crazy cute and so much fun to photograph!

When they’re not giggling together, they’re being super adorable, like this….

I love this next one…you can kind of feel their apprehension about being photographed, but they’re so stinkin’ cute about it.

Smooching in front of relative strangers has a way of giving folks the giggles….and that’s just how we like it!

Love this perspective of that same moment, as captured by Andy, through spaces in a rock wall…so fun!

Real, gonna-make-you-live-longer-laughing and smooching….love. love. love.

Holly & Paul’s super sweet  pooch, Reilly, decided to join the party for a few shots. Such a sweet family….

Falling in love with these guys….

Not sure who was walking who here…..but he’s one handsome pooch all the same. And, can we talk about the fall afternoon light? Heavenly!

Back to some one-on-one cuddle time….and, of course, more delightful giggles!

Yay for love that includes lots of laughter!!! And kisses….

Yeaaaaah…soooo awkward! PLEASE!!! Fabulously sassy is more like it!

Such sweetness…..PS…wild grapes are really yummy…if you can get past the slime.

Sunset snuggling….stupendous!

And, into the woods for a little bit of A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

Cannot wait to see these two snuggling like this in their wedding gear…we’re going to have too much fun!!

One more fabulously smile-filled moment before we call it a wrap….

Holly & Paul thank you sooooooooo much for entrusting us to document this very special time in your lives! Holly we had so much photographing Michelle & Dan’s wonderful wedding and just know we’re going to find ourselves documenting just as many beautiful, love-filled moments for you & Paul, and we can’t wait!!! Thank you both for letting your guard down and letting us in to see just how adorable you are together. We know it can be intimidating being photographed by the two of us, while being asked to snuggle & snog, but you guys did AHHHH-MAZING and we hope you can see that in these moments of love! Thank you both, too, for your patience as we took longer than we hoped to get these photos to you….we hope you find it was worth the wait! :) Again, we had so much fun with you guys, and Reilly too, and can’t wait to do it all again next summer. Until then, thank you, thank you, thank you! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

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Andy & I are in the business of love.

That sounds so sweet….so virtuous, so easy, perhaps even glamorous, doesn’t it? But there are times when it doesn’t feel that way….at all!

I say this having spent every day this week in either my pjs or yoga pants & some stained t-shirt or another, hair in a messy bun…teeth perhaps brushed/perhaps not, glued to my computer, editing thousands of photos…one-at-a-freaking-time.

Seriously, this week I reached the pinnacle of personal neglect. I’ve completely dropped the ball on any kind of household chores, haven’t picked up the phone to call friends or family in ages. Don’t even get me started on the complete lack of exercise…I think my butt has actually flattened (more) from the the 11- hour days of sitting, staring at the computer. And, we’ve been forced to eat (often while in front of our computers) some form of pasta nearly every meal because neither of us has made it to the supermarket. It’s bad.

But, this is what we do…in the name of love.

And, we do it because it’s important, because we don’t know how to do it any other way, and…because we love our work. We love the people we work with and we love that our work matters to them, that in some teeny-tiny way, we’re leaving what we hope is a positive mark on the world, one love-filled wedding at a time.

Weeks like this one test that love…for sure. But, then a card comes in the mail….two, in fact….each so full of love & gratitude, so genuine, so kind and caring….and all that hard work is affirmed worthwhile. So, we wipe the pasta sauce from our faces and sit up a little taller in our computer chairs, editing with new vigor, sweetly reminded that we wedding photographers are soldiers…. in this business of love.

I don’t say any of this looking for praise or recognition, it’s just where my head is at after a particularly busy week of editing, and after many similarly busy ones, as I glance to the beautiful card we got from Christine & Stephen, trying to think of what to say that will live up to how amazing these two people are and how full of love their wedding was…and falling short. All that pasta has made my brain soft.

Sooooo, I’m going to cop out, and let the photos do the talking. But, know this….these two are two of the sweetest. Their wedding last month at the beautiful Wequassett Resort was spectacular….the weather was perfect, the couple looked perfect, their friends and family were so warm & welcoming and TOTALLY up for a good time. The stars aligned and the magic moments appeared before our cameras, begging to be documented. It was like hunting fish in a barrel. The love was on fire.

Before I say something more embarrassing….here are the lovely Christine & Stephen on their most magnificent wedding day…But first some of the lovely details that decorated their day, including Christine’s crazy beautiful Caroline Castigliano wedding gown and her pretty in pink flowers by Meredith Fancy.

Mirror, mirror on the wall….who’s the fairest of them all?….CHRISTINEEEEEE! With her stunning wedding day look by Jen Needre at Bellezza Salon in Falmouth.

Meanwhile, across the resort, Christine’s handsome groom, Stephen, gets ready with his besties.

Christine’s MOHs, Abby & Johanna lend a helping hand.

All buttoned up….

Necklace, earrings and beautiful crystal beaded belt, and away we go….

Soooo GQ!! I love this action shot Andy likes to do from time to time….love the movement and the suggestion of being surrounded by the support of friends.

Christine’s crazy sweet dad, Dick, nearly fell to pieces when he saw his baby girl all done up. Just delightful!!!

Stephen was pretty smitten at the site of his soon-to-be wife as well. It’s funny, we often have couples question the first look….some are concerned that they won’t have that “moment” when the groom sees his bride for the first time coming down the aisle, but even having a first look, and spending over an hour doing family photos, Stephen was still wiping tears when Christine came down the aisle. This way you get TWO moments. LOOOVE!


What I love so much about this two is the way they balance and compliment each other. And even in the seemingly quietest moments, they still make each other laugh. {Swoooooooon!}

The look of love…..

The gang’s all here…

Christine & Stephen expressed more than once when we first met that they were really nervous about being photographed because they both look “really awkward in photos.” I can’t tell you how many people say this to us….and then get in front of our cameras and look like THIS. I mean seriously??!!

Christine is particularly hard on herself (like another Christine we might know), but when I look at her I see a Hollywood starlet. Seriously Christine, you are stunning…in every way!!

Hey lovelies…..Happy, happy, and…..

More happy….

Moments before the big moment…love how serious Stephen looks.

Guests excitedly await the start of the ceremony.

Christine’s crazy sweet and drop dead gorgeous momma, Linda, with Christine’s equally sweet and dapper younger brother, Brian, make their way down the aisle looking very happy. Have I mentioned how much I love happy?? Loooove!

Oh, Christine….that expression….just precious! See guys…doesn’t matter if you have a first look or not…if you’re an emotional person, the emotion will still be there. Promise!

This next photos of Stephen smiling at Christine as she stands with her dad was taken after Stephen had a few seconds to compose himself and wipe away his tears. He was making funny faces trying to hold it together, so we thought we’d be kind and share this one instead.

Christine’s own happy tears pool in eyes filled with such love. Be still my heart….

A carpet of petals and a smile full of heart….

As if the kiss at the altar wasn’t enough, these two happy souls had to stop midway down the aisle for one more!! Yaaaay for love!!!

After the ceremony, we took our happy couple off for a couple of moments alone, to soak in what had just happened. And, it is in these moments that I find myself smiling most broadly.

The romance and tenderness is almost too much…

Just beautiful…..can I say that? I can, right?…I mean the photo is lovely, but they are making it so.

I call this one….smokin’ hot! heee heeee

Love the classic elegance of these flowers by Fancy Flowers.

Special seats for special peeps…

Christine really thought of every single detail, including a special wedding hashtag, which we happily used. Meanwhile, guests enjoy cocktail hour and Wequassett’s stunning view.

Cocktail hour candids are my favorite….people having fun and enjoying connecting.

Ending their first dance with a delightful dip.

Reacting to speeches…

Love this next stolen moment…it’s as if they are the only people in the room.

Christine & Stephen have some FUN friends, and so why not a fun perspective on their big group dance?

Dick was delighting in this moment….and so was I!

Get down on it….

The end of the night….the beginning of a new life.

Big thanks to Christine & Stephen and their wonderful families & friends. You two are blessed to be surrounded by such love and support. We feel so grateful to have met those most special to you and to have spent such a meaningful weekend with all of you! We adore each of you as individuals, and love seeing you together as a couple! Thank you for your really sweet card this week and the incredibly generous gift certificate…you didn’t have to do that!! But, we hope you’ll come down and see us and put it to good use with us. :) Thank you guys for everything and for reminding us why we are so lucky to be in this business of love! With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo

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Linda Salmon : Words can't express how beautiful these pictures are! Thank you so much for capturing all the emotion and love felt during that special day. XO, Linda
Arina K : Second that, Linda. Amazing photography! The perfect wedding for a very very special couple. Thanks for sharing.