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Candice : WOW!!!!! Oooooooh and aaaaaaaah!!!! LOVE the new look!!!!!!! SO stunning! Fresh and happy! Just like you guys!! xxx
Amy Dunkin Donnelly : Love the new site and branding--so elegant and chic-- like both of you!It really showcases your fabulous work! Congratulations! xoxo Amy & Terence
Mattion Grazier : Love it! Love you two! Miss ya tons!
Ronnie : I love how you guys always capture the elegance, depth & crispness in what you do.
Francie : hey, love your new site! Most professional photographing! Congratulations!
Mark : Just found your site. Some very beautiful work. Thank you
Andy & Chris : Thank you to all our friends for the love & support! And,welcome Mark!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by & visit. We really appreciate the comment! Hope you come see us again, as we've got a bunch of new stuff ready to post! xx

Keri & Jim’s wedding was something Andy & I had been looking forward to for nearly two years! Even though we get to witness a lot of “I dos,” it’s not often that we’re also there for the, “Yes!” that inevitably leads a couple to the aisle. But, we were there for Keri’s, “Yes!” and that made also being there for her and Jim’s “I dos!” that much more special!!!

Back in the fall of 2013, a very sweet Jim had reached out to us because he was planning a romantic weekend on the Cape with his girlfriend, Keri, and he was going to pop the question and ask her to marry him. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that!! He reached out to us because he thought it would be nice to have that moment captured in photographs. Having never photographed an actual proposal before, we were super excited for the opportunity to be in on such an intimate moment.

Jim & I spoke over the phone and in emails for several weeks, planning how it would all go down. And, as if the love Gods were shining down on us all, Jim got an unseasonably warm November day to sweep his girl off her feet. As expected, Keri said, “Yes!” and so began the wedding planning. You can read more about them and their proposal HERE and also check out their super sweet spring love session HERE.

Andy & I have grown quite fond of Keri & Jim over these many months. They are two of the sweetest, kindest, most sincerely loving, happy, wonderful, fun people and we just knew their wedding would be full of the kind of love & goodness that makes getting great photos a cinch….and even better….makes us LOVE what we do!

The wedding itself took place at the stunning University of Connecticut’s Branford House, located at the seaside Avery Point in Groton. Originally built in 1903 by wealthy railroad magnate Morton Freeman Plant, the 31-room Tudor style granite mansion was designed by his wife, Nellie, and named after the town where he was born. Eventually, the mansion was sold and ended up in the hands of the State of Connecticut. It became the property of the US Coast Guard for a time, and then was turned over to the University of Connecticut as a branch campus.

With a unique history, the Branford House is a truly stunning backdrop for a wedding, and it was super fun for us to be somewhere new!

We arrived in Groton the day before the wedding to check out the area and find our spots for pictures…..and there were LOTS of great spots!! We then popped in on their welcome party later that night, to meet their families. Everyone was super welcoming, which made us even more excited for the big day.

The morning of the wedding, I met Keri & the girls at the Red Door Spa, in the Mystic Marriott, where Keri, Jim, their wedding party and nearly all of their wedding guests were staying. Loved that!

In this first photo, Keri is getting her wedding day make up applied, while her super sweet and doting MOH, Kate, looks on.

After hair & make up were done, the girls all headed to the Branford House to get dressed. With all of its stunning woodwork & detailed architecture, the Branford House was a picture perfect back drop for getting ready! Such a treat! But, the best part was that Keri was smiling the entire time. Sometimes brides get so caught in the moment of getting dressed that they pull really funny/serious faces. I’m often having to say, “happy thoughts” or “happy faces” to remind them to relax. But, with Keri, it was all smiles….all day!  See what I mean as Keri gets tied into her dress by Kate & another bestie, Justine…

I love the look on Keri’s lovely momma’s face as she watches her baby girl get dressed. Momma Jeannine and Justine help put the finishing ties to the dress, and she’s soon ready to go.

Love her girlfriends’ reactions….Sweet Jolene got a bit emotional. Awwwwww!!

Our gorgeous gals: Tara, Justine, Jessica (Jim’s cousin), Keri, Kate, Jolene & Jessica (Keri’s cousin). Pretty ladies + pretty light + pretty room = pretty easy job for me.

The arched doorways and stunning fireplace mantle made for a perfect frame for our lovely bride. Isn’t she ga ga gorgeous?!!

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Jim gets a little help with his cufflinks from his best man, Brian, as the rest of the guys get ready too.

Love the nautical inspired bowties from Vineyard Vines….almost as much as this candid moment Andy captured as Frank (who’s married to Jim’s cousin, Jess) takes a selfie with Jim’s lovely momma, Gail.

Our handsome groom. I love this photo Andy captured of Jim….he looks so seriously serene, and this may have been the only time all day he wasn’t smiling the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. Watching Jim make his way to the ceremony was particularly sweet. He was BEAMING….like a kid on Christmas morning who got everything on his wish list!

The lovely guys: Joe, Jason, Frank, Jim, Brian, Jason (Keri’s big brother) and Scott. Such warm, fun, funny guys! Love them!

Jim is an only child and the apple of his momma’s eye. Watching her relish how happy her son was on this very special day was such a treat. Jim’s proud papa, Richard, was also a love! Truly, such an awesome group to not only work with, but get to know and welcome to our bello family!

Keri makes her way to her soon-to-be hubby, flanked by her mom & dad, Jeannine & Peter. Is she beaming or what???!!!

As was her main squeeze…..if this isn’t the look of love, I don’t know what is!

More happy…..

As perfect as their proposal day and engagement day were, their wedding day could not be topped….perfection in every way!

Father Shawn Smith infused a lot of humor into Keri & Jim’s ceremony, which seemed perfectly befitting this fun couple!

Happy friends & family look on, showing their love & support with more happy smiles…

Audrey (Jess’s & Frank’s baby girl) listens sleepily during the ceremony…..what a little cherub, eh?!!!

With this ring….

Gail & Jeannine fight the wind on the point to light the unity candle. It made for some giggling by everyone. Love that!!

And with that….our new mister & missus are married. Happy. Happy. Happy!! Now off for some photos….

After the family portraits on the lawn, we took the bridal party to the front of the House to take advantage of the shade and cool building facade. This next shot makes me laugh because it was taken right after Andy got pooped on by a very angry seagull. There were several birds circling above us as we were photographing the bridal party. They were squawking and seemed irritated we were there. One let us know exactly how he felt. Ironically, I heard the splash as a portion of the sizable deposit hit the floor, right next to me, and I thought to myself, “Phew….that was close.” I looked up and the bridal party had this reaction as they realized the bird got Andy, who took it like a trooper and laughed it off. We got a picture of him too, but will save that one for Jim & Keri. Love the reactions of everyone…this was such a fun group! Totally worth getting pooped on. (Easy for me to say.) Happily, Andy was able to clean up and no one was the wiser…plus, it makes for a great story for Keri, Jim and their friends.

And then there were two….two very happy people.

Love these two together so much!!!

A little stroll to the lighthouse at sunset…..ahhhhhh!

A couple who laughs together stays together….

Jim gives us the thumbs up….she said Yes! AND I do! Woooo hooo!!

Love, smiles and delicious kisses…..This is love!

Such joy…and a backdrop that rivals any of the Newport Mansions. Could be my new favorite place to photograph!

The gorgeous Sperry Tent and beautiful cake by Coastal Gourmet Caterers.

Love the besties’ selfie introduction (and obviously so do J&K)….you guys rock!!

The new Mr. & Mrs……let’s get this party started!

In your arms….it’s where I always want to be….

Warm embraces as the setting sun streams into the tent. Just beautiful!

Love this sweet gal….way to rock the toast Katie!!

Jim & Keri reacting to all the love directed their way…eat it up guys! Eat up all that glorious love!

Sunset…..Mmmmmmm good!

Gail gets all emotional dancing with her sweet boy, as a tear runs down her beautiful face. So lovely!!!

Meanwhile Keri & her crazy dad get down on it….you go you two!!! Me & my dad went nuts to Shout at my & Andy’s wedding. I’ll never forget Dad turning to me while we’re on our backs on the floor and saying, “You make me wild, Chrissy!” It is in these moments of connection that our strongest memories are formed. Blessed are we who let love rule!!

And, who also play with cake…..deeeeelicious!

Get it guys…get it!!

Life is to be lived large and celebrated with great passion….today and always.

Dance like no one is watching….and smile with your whole heart.

For when the night comes our dreams shall be made of this….

Jim & Keri….I wish words could do justice to how much we appreciate you both, your families & friends and how warmly you all welcomed us into your lives and into this amazing day of love & celebration!! Your wedding was the stuff from which fairy tales are made. And, your love is both inspiring and contagious!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! For sharing your beautiful hearts and this beautiful day with us!! We feel so grateful to have been able to be there to document all of the love & goodness that sprang from a Yes that warm November day and led us all to this. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts as we hope these photos hold a special place in yours!! We adore you and feel so happy you found your way into our life!! More to come soon!! Big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxox


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Jim : WOW!!! I'm sitting here at my desk feeling completely blown away... All the feelings, love, and happiness of that day is flooding back seeing these AMAZING images and words!! We can't wait to see the rest! Chris and Andy... you are incredible!! From the moment we first talked in November of 2013 up to our "I Do's," Keri and I have had great friends to capture the most important moments of our lives! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU so much for capturing our special day in such brilliant detail!! - Jim

Everyone loves a good fairytale. From the time we’re babes, our parents read us stories of princes and princesses, of castles and chariots, and enchanted places where happy endings are the only kind.

We grow up and realize these are just stories, but still, our fascination with enchantment remains, and is most clearly evident when it comes to weddings. From the proposal to the last dance, we grow up fantasizing about what our wedding will look like, drawing inspiration from Disney, the Royal Family and everything in between.

Speaking of the Royal Family, did you know that an estimated 34 million people tuned in to watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton….thirty-four million people!! All hoping for a glance at a fairytale come to life.

The elegance, grandeur, the beauty, pomp and circumstance….but especially the undeniable love. It’s all there at a wedding, and if you’re like me and love weddings, you can’t help but feel like a giddy kid when you’ve got a front row seat to all that goodness.

I found myself reminded of princes and princesses at the Newport wedding of Brooke & Will, held earlier this month at St. George’s Chapel and an exclusive private yacht club (they asked not to be named). The details, the seaside setting with a castle on a hill, Brooke in her crazy beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown, the chapel with aisle facing seats, all provided the most amazing fodder for a wedding that seemed born from fairytale pages.

If you’d like to read more about Brooke & Will, click HERE for a look at their super sweet love session held earlier this summer here on Cape Cod.  But, we’re going to jump right in to the love & goodness that reigned supreme on this beautiful summer day when princess Brooke married her own prince William.

Allison Barbara and her talented beauty stylists gave Brooke and her gal pals their gorgeous wedding day look. Flawless!

Brooke’s friends were so relaxed and fun during the getting ready portion of the day. Just love this photo of Ali….her smile lights a room.

Love the sexy lines as beautiful Beth puts on her strappy sandals. Meanwhile, Brooke gives Ashley a hand with her dress. I just love the energy and happy chaos that often accompanies the start of this exciting day!

Brooke’s wedding gown literally took my breath away. A stunning, definitely fit for a princess, Oscar de la Renta lace masterpiece, the dress featured a gorgeous lace jacket worn under the strapless dress, which Brooke later removed after the church services. This dress…..I am in love!! Brooke got help getting into it by the fabulous Stephanie Grimm at Couture Parties, who along with her staff were amazingly attentive and helped ensure everything went off without a hitch!! These ladies were fabulous!!!

Brooke gets buttoned in by Paige, who we met last summer, when she served as bridesmaid for another bello bride, recently turned happy momma, Kate. Brooke & Will were actually at that Woods Hole wedding too, which is how they found us….just love when that happens!! Just as I love the elegant beauty Brooke exudes so naturally. The photo on the left is one of my faves of the day.

Brooke gets her natural beauty from her gorgeous momma, Susan. Love her reaction to seeing Brooke in her dress & getting topped with the finishing touches…the veil.

The girls check out photos of their stunning friend, who is now ready to say, “I do!”

And off she goes….I mean, if this isn’t a fairytale moment and a fairytale ring….I don’t know what is! Invitations by Arlene Cronk.

Andy & I are always looking for unique perspectives and angles to document classic wedding moments. Love this fun vantage point looking through the railings as Brooke heads outside….

The lovely ladies and the beautiful flowers by the uber talented Sayles Livingston.

Love this next photo. As we were taking pictures outside the yacht club, a group of little girls saw Brooke and were instantly entranced as if seeing a real life princess. They lay on the grass and watched in wonder. Just precious!

Brooke with her lovely parents, Susan and Alan. Just love their expressions as they gaze at their baby girl all grown up.

Across town, Will and his mates get ready at the elegant oceanside hotel 41 North. Will puts on his watch, while his brother and best man, James helps groomsman Justin put on his bowtie.

Lovely smiley Carlos….

Love this candid portrait Andy captured of Brooke’s sweet brother, Trip, who was also a groomsman in Kate & Hugh’s Woods Hole wedding.

Will getting a little help from his friends…

Another great candid moment with our bride’s & groom’s brothers. These natural moments are our faves!!!!

James & Trip and some fabulous window light.

The guys…so dapper.

As guests start arriving at St. George’s Chapel, where Brooke used to sing in the choir as a student at St. George’s School, Will waits nervously.

More candid photos as guests arrive….dressed to the nines for the black tie affair.

Father John Rick III married Brooke’s parents thirty-six years ago and as a sign of good luck, prosperity, peace, harmony & purity, this beautiful dragonfly also showed up to bless the couple’s special day.

The girls arrive…ready to be a part of this celebration of love & commitment.

Brooke & her dad just moments before they head down the aisle…..

Here comes the bride…in all her princess-like glory. Can we talk about this chapel for a second????

Former Miss America and actress/singer Susan Powell, who is a dear friend of Brooke’s family, sang a beautiful rendition of Ava Maria during the ceremony. Love the sweet look of love Brooke & Will exchange during the song.

Vows read….

Rings exchanged…

And, the new Mr. & Mrs. depart the chapel, surrounded by approving applause from friends & family.

Some family photo time with both families….such a sweet group.

And a quiet moment with our happy couple….

Sweetness surrounded by beautiful architecture = photographer love.

The look of love….

I mean if this next one doesn’t scream happy Disney princess I just don’t know…..

Beautiful Brooke….

The wind picked up as they headed to the limo for a ride to the yacht club. Love it!

Quiet moments + sweet kisses = Thank you!!!

Back at the yacht club, Brooke made a quick change, to remove her jacket and veil. Love the elegance of the way she moves…simple, candid, seemingly nothing moments become a gorgeous portrait with her. And, love this quick pic of Will as he waits patiently.

And off to the party they go….

The Newport Tent situated by the water’s edge was a dreamy seaside setting, with towering trees wrapped in fairy lights and six tier cake by Confectionary Designs 

Beautifu dahlia details….


Love a family style head table and a clean white & green flowerscape!

Guests enjoying the sunset cocktail hour….

Happy, smiling faces…

And, as the sun rests snuggly beyond the horizon, the tent lights go up and the party begins.

Starting with a happy, playful first dance with our new mister and missus.

Will’s brother, James gave a heart-felt toast, that ended with him presenting the “perfect couple” with “Barbie” dolls, he’d had made in the couple’s image, right down to Brooke’s same dress. It was pretty impressive.

Reacting to all of the love & adoration being directed their way…

And, when dinner was over and it was time to dance, the party really kicked into high gear with the AAAAHHH-MAZING Simply Irresistible leading the way. We’ve seen a lot of bands and these guys were the real deal. It was literally like being at a high energy concert. People were having the time of their lives…and I may have been boogying on down while snapping away. These guys (who came up from Atlanta) were sooooooo good!

Lovers sway to the music….

Ashley, Lindsay & Katie were loving the music….

So was Will…you go, boy!

And when the music stopped and the party was over, Will & Brooke (who’d changed into a sexy Monique Lhuillier dress for the after party) head to the dock for a boat departure, serenaded by sparklers.

With champagne in hand, our happy couple sails off into the proverbial sunset, bringing an end to this chapter in the fairytale.

Brooke & Will, thank  you both so much for entrusting us to document such a special time in your lives. You two are so wonderful together and getting to be there for your wedding weekend was not only a privilege, but also super fun!! We hope as you look at these few photos that you feel all of the love & joyful celebration that surrounded you, and that they serve as happy reminders for many, many years to come!!! We hope to have the rest of the photos online very soon and cannot wait for you to see everything…so much love & goodness!! Thank you, too, to your wonderful families & friends who   were so warm & welcoming…and it was fun to see some familiar faces again! A special shout out to Kate, Hugh, Nancy & Craig for being the catalyst to bring us to this fabulous celebration!!! You guys rock!! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xo

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Lucinda Graham : What beautiful pictures. The bride and groom were very photogenic!!! Cindy

Kerri & Billy had their wedding reception few weeks ago at a place that is very special to Andy & me….Bourne Farm. It is where we said “I do!” fourteen years earlier. In fact, it was our own wedding that inspired us to get into wedding photography. We were seriously disappointed with the photos we got for our wedding….long story for another day, but we realized that we wanted to tell others’ story in the way that we had wished our story had been told, so that’s exactly what we set out to do.

And getting to tell Kerri & Billy’s beautiful story was, in addition to being an honor and a privilege, also a TON of fun!

We had an inkling that it would be this way when we got together with them earlier this spring for their engagement session. You can see some of the photos from that and read more about these two sweeties and their love story HERE.

And, without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at Kerri & Billy’s amazing wedding day celebration, starting with a look at Kerri’s stunning Christos wedding gown and bling-tastic Jimmy Choo shoes. Love!!!

Kerri gave her super sweet gal pals these  ahhh-dorable wedding day pajamas….almost as cute as the girls themselves.

Nautical themed invites by The Pink Polka Dot and Kerri & Billy’s bling-a-licious wedding hardware. Flower by Exotic Flowers

Looking stunning, with make up by Maryelle Artistry and hair by Rob Martelli of Avanti Salon.

Kerri’s crazy cute momma, Debbie, checks out a photo of herself. LOVEEEE the reactions!

Kerri puts on her shoes and takes a quick look in the mirror to see her wedding day look come to life. STUNNING!!!

Just beautiful…..inside and so obviously out!

Meanwhile, across town, Billy and his mates get ready. I always love watching the guys messing with pocket squares and bow ties.

Happy faces as ties are tied and photos taken….here, groomsmen Sean  (front), Drew & John get dressed and ready for the big day.

The guys head to St. Elizabeth Seaton for the start of the ceremony. From left to right: Sean, Billy’s older brother & BM Eddie, John, younger brother Brian, Billy, Drew, BIL Mike, youngest brother Tommy and BIL #2, Richie.

Kerri’s adorable grandpa makes his way to the church.

Kerri’s momma, Debbie, smiled like this for most of the day. She is an infectiously happy person. Love her! Also all smiles, sisters and Kerri’s oldest friends, Jess & Malorie….had so much fun with all of these lovely ladies.

And, our main girl….Kerri, with her proud papa, Mike.

The look of love and anticipation….lovveeee it!

A more serious moment as Father Medeiros leads the wedding service…

With this ring, I thee wed.

Love the symbolism of a unity candle….almost as much as the happy faces on these two lovelies.

The new Mr. & Mrs….showered with lots of love & happy applause.

We did it!!!!

Boys and bubbles….delightful.

Happy hugs from family & friends.

And a sweet kiss before they head to their party….

Kerri flaked by  her gal pals (from left to right): Malorie, MOH Katie, Kim, Jess, Amy, Tara, Ali and SIL Charlotte.

Smooching sweeties.

These two are so stinkin’ cute. And, I’m in love with the way Kerri’s hair came out! Just perfect for the setting!

Wildflowers and wedding bells….oh my.

Hi guys….

This setting….I just love it so much. And, with two of the sweetest people filling it with so much love. It just doesn’t get any better!

Bourne Farm is forever….like true love, it grabs a hold of you and won’t let go.

Kisses as sweet as grapes.

happy. happy. happy!

Now off to the party they go….wooo hoo!

Friends and family enjoy themselves.

Chasing bubbles….oh the joy!

Yummy looking appetizers from the fabulous Casual Gourmet.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the introductions….it’s just such a fun time…the music, energy….so much happiness and support for two people starting a new chapter of their lives together.

First dance….so full of love.

A sweet exchange with Debbie and her oldest son, Mike, as Kerri’s dad , Mike, welcomes everyone. This family loves big….just how we like it.

Love the reactions to the toasts….way to go Katie!

Kerri’s grandma gets down on it!!

Kerri’s first dance with her dad was wonderful!!! Made me want to get married again and dance with my dad! :)

The mother son dance always gets me….there’s just something about a momma’s love that cannot be denied! Look how happy beautiful Janet is as she looks at her little boy, all grown up! Love it!!

Kerri & her girlfriends have so much fun together….I was seeing moves earlier in the day. And, when they took to the dance floor….total awesomeness!

You go girl!

This pretty much summed up this day…..so much LOVE!!

Kerri & Billy, thank you both so very much for sharing this amazing day with us. You two are such wonderful people and a perfect couple. We loved getting to know you both over the past year and feel so honored to have had the opportunity to document and share in all of the love & celebration that surrounded you on your amazing wedding day!! Thank you too, to your families and friends, who were so warm and welcoming and a total blast to be around! You guys rock!! Also, special thanks to Olive Chase for making the day go off without a hitch! As always, Olive, you and your staff hit it out of the park!

Getting to be back at Bourne Farm was like a homecoming for us….and we loved every picture perfect moment!! Thank you guys so much for sharing this day with us…cannot wait for the post wedding session with your horse Kerri!! Until then, we hope you, your families & friends enjoy this sneak peek. More to come soon! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

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Olive : Wonderful, wonderful! You perfectly captured the high spirits and love that flowed through the whole day!! xoxo Olive
Lucinda Graham : Wonderful, wonderful pictures, from start to finish!! I will certainly keep you in mind when clients ask. Keep up the good work. Cindy
Deb Aylward : Just got home from Italy and saw the pictures... WOW! I am speechless at just how beautiful these pictures are. You did one heck of a great job. I can't wait to see the rest of them. Thank you for being the best photographers any bride and groom could ask for!

Holly & Paul’s fabulous Wychmere Beach Club wedding took place a few weekends ago, before the crazy heat wave. Instead, theirs was a quintessentially perfect Cape Cod day. Sunny, blue skies, not too hot and drrrryyyyyy, which for this sweaty gal is all I need to make for an amazing day!

Making it even more special was the fact that Holly & Paul are wonderful people and a perfect pairing!! We first met Holly eight plus years ago, at the wedding of her sister, Michelle. And, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing her a few times since for family portraits on the Cape. Paul is a bit of a newcomer to our Bello family, although he & Holly have known each other for quite some time now. You can read more about them and their road to love HERE.

And, we can get right to what folks come here for….the photos!

I am completely in LOVE with Holly’s crazy beautiful Amsale wedding gown. There are few gowns I don’t love, but hers was something I would totally love to wear and am seriously considering getting married again so I can!! The tulle and lace detailing on the front was absolutely stunning and so beautifully feminine. And, on Holly…..it was perfection!!!

Some more room details in the beautiful Wychmere suites…such great rooms to photograph in…loveeee me a white background! And, Holly’s adorable Kate Spade shoes that perfectly complimented the belt on her dress. LOVE!

I mean….come on!!!! Is she gorgeous or what? Her hair by Fisher Experience and dress gave such an Audrey Hepburn vibe to me. And, the gorgeous flowers with blush peonies (in AUGUST no less….WOW!) by the fabulous Lilac Florals were the perfect compliment.

One word…..STUNNING!

Holly’s crazy cute nieces, Mackenzie and Cameron, are regulars in front of our cameras and two of the sweetest little peanuts there ever were. Mackie was seriously busting some killer moves later in the night and having the time of her life late into the night. Such wonderful memories of their Auntie’s special day!

Adorable little flower girls…

Waiting for her dad….

John is one of the nicest guys on the planet and seeing him see his baby girl ready to marry her dream guy was just delightful…

And off to the church she goes, with her gal pals in tow. Such a fun bunch!!

Meanwhile, in another area of the resort, Paul gets ready with his mates…

Including little brother and best man extraordinaire, Tommy.

Mackie & Cammie’s little brother, Will was also in the wedding party…though he seemed more interested in his dad’s phone. Can we talk about the linen suit and the saddle shoes for just a second???? Paired with a matching Vineyard Vines tie…same as the groomsmen were wearing. It’s just too much cuteness.

The guys are ready to go….

Preparing to enter the ceremony at Our Lady of Annunciation in Dennisport. Despite Cammie & Mackie’s best efforts, they cannot convince their cousin, Kinsley, that being a flower girl is really fun..ADORABLE!

Here comes the bride…

The hand off…

Love the storytelling going on in this next one….how Holly is holding onto Paul and her sister, Michelle, and how Paul’s lovely momma, Anne Marie is wiping tears in the background. So much love & pride! Just wonderful!

Sandwiched between her grandparents, Susan & John, Mackie looks on with intense curiosity as her Auntie Holly and soon-to-be Uncle Paul say, “I do!”

The look of love…

More love & happy faces….

And with a kiss, he & she become WE….

woooo hoooo…..

LOVE the happiness written all over their beautiful faces….

The timeless quality of this next lovely moment makes my heart purr.

This is why I love living and working where we do. Viva Cape Cod!!

Happy kisses…

And snuggling beneath the veil….soooo much happy!!!!!

We did it…..we’re married!!! It’s a moment that hits every couple after they say, “I do!” And, it’s one you just never forget.

A field of green beach grass + a bride & groom and their posse = Cape Cod wedding perfection

Holly & Paul sailed into their cocktail hour…talk about a grand entrance. LOOVE it!

And so did their friends & family…


It was a bit windy even in the harbor…..but that just meant they had to hold on tight, which is always a good thing.

Smiles and sailboats and sunny skies, oh my!

Waving to family & friends as they dock….now, let’s get this party started!

It’s been so fascinating for us to see how much things have changed in terms of the way folks photograph at weddings. When we first started you rarely saw a camera, and I suppose that’s still the case today, but now we see LOTS of phones and iPads and while it’s great that people can capture these fun moments, I love seeing people put down their phones and really being present in the moment. Just look at how different the faces are without a phone in front of them.


I think this is my favorite color palette at the moment…so stinking pretty.

Seats for the stars of the day….

Guests enjoying themselves during cocktail hour.  I just love documenting these candid moments.

More happy….

Happily ever hashtaged…

Mr. & Mrs.

Love this moment when a couple is introduced to their reception…so much fun energy, so much love & support. It’s just wonderful!

And right into their first dance…still smiling and basking in the glory of all the love & support.

More love & support, and some playful teasing came during the speeches…first up, MOH Michelle….love her!!!

Bridesmaid Emily giggles during the speeches….so cute!

Tommy’s speech was part loving tribute, part roast, and everyone ate it up….

Though none more so than big brother, Paul!

Ready to get rowdy….friends enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

And bridesmaid Catherine tore it up best with this awe-inspiring split that her friends were definitely digging….

A little Photo Booth fun….

Our newlyweds….ready to start this next happy chapter in their lives together.

Holly & Paul, thank you both so very much for inviting us to share in this wonderful day with you, your families and super sweet friends!! Getting to be there to document all of the beautiful details, the super fun celebration and most especially the inspiring love you both have for each other and those closest to you was such a treat!! We adore you and hope these photos (and the MANY more soon to follow) serve as happy reminders for many, many long, love-filled years to come!!

With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxoxo

PS…We’d also like to give a special shout out to wedding planner extraordinaire Allison Liset and her incredible team (Sheri, Megan & Kim)at Elegant Engagements, who saved the day by running out to Macy’s to buy a suit for Holly’s brother Paul, because his didn’t make it. Don’t ask! You ladies rocked it and kept things running smoothly all day!! Love working with you all! xoxo

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Maureen Donnelly (Todd’s Mom) : You take such beautiful pictures. I loved looking at the wedding pics that I was able to view. Especially, I loved the pics of my son's family from last fall. Maureen Donnelly
Lucinda Graham : The pictures were awesome. I especially loved the one of the three flower girls, with one crying hysterically. That picture should be kept to give to her on her wedding day. cindy

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since we photographed Aimee & Rick’s Ridge Club wedding. Happily, we’ve kept in touch and have been able to get them back in front of our cameras a few times over the years. One of my favorite sessions was three years ago, when I photographed them as they welcomed their baby girl, Tess, into the world.

I love me some quality baby time, so getting to photograph Tess just a few weeks after she made her way into the world was a real treat! Click HERE for a look.

I remember after our session, Aimee looked forward to the time when they’d have another baby for us to photograph. Baby number two came a little over a year and a half later. Sadly, it was to be some time before we’d get to photograph baby Brooks. He had a rough start to life, having to endure several surgeries to repair a cleft palate.

As difficult as it no doubt was for sweet little Brooks, I’m sure it was absolutely torturous for Aimee, having to watch her sweet boy be wheeled into the operating room more times than any mother should have to.

Happily, Brooks is on the mend, and although he still has more surgeries ahead of him, he is a happy, healthy, sweet, playful, delightful little boy, who is very much adored by his big sister.

We got to finally meet Brooks two weeks ago, when we got together with the whole family while they were vacationing on the Cape. Our gathering took place at The Spit, the same spot where we first photographed Aimee & Rick for their engagement session. It was a lovely full circle moment for us. Here’s a peek at our time together.

All grown up at three, Tess strikes a pose that had us in stitches…which she and her little brother seemed to enjoy. Love these little munchkins.

Brooks plays with his Dada and is all smiles…..big, beautiful, delicious smiles!

Happy, curious little Brooksy.

Andy has a way with kids that has always been something I’ve loved about him. Seeing these photos he captured while playing with Tess just about made my heart explode. Look at how enchanted she is with him….

I don’t know what he said or did to get these reactions (and there were a couple more in the series that were equally as delicious!), but I LOVE it!! And, from the looks of things, so did Tess!

A little beachside stroll with Dad….that look….too much!!!

Playful, lovely, gorgeous Tess….the way children smile lights my heart on fire!

While the kids play, mom & dad take a minute for a little snuggle time. Yaaaay for enduring bello love!

Such a sweet family…..

Be still my heart…..

I often will use reverse psychology on kids….telling them NOT to look at me or my camera when I feel like I’m losing their attention. Well, Tess LOOVED this game, and kept shouting, “IIIIIII’mmmmmm lookin’ at you!!!!” which was cracking us both up and making her baby brother wonder what the heck she was shouting about. The results….adorable! I knew those college psych classes would come in handy eventually.

After all the formal stuff was done, it was time to play in the water…and Brooks was loving it!

While the boys played in the waves, I got the girls in front of the camera for a little one-on-one time. Moms & their daughters…..one of the most complicated, intensely loving and utterly important relationships that ever existed. These photos make me miss mine and envy my sister for the two sweet daughters she has!

And, no better way to finish the evening than with a little skinny dipping. Baby bums are my fave…that and a little peek-a-boo.

And, with that, we said goodnight to this lovely family! Aimee & Rick, thank you so much for letting us be a part of documenting this next happy chapter in your life. We LOOOOVED meeting Brooks and getting to see you and Tess again! Your kids are just delightful and we’re so thrilled that Brooks is doing well and seems completely unphased by everything he’s been through in his short life. We hope these photos help celebrate this milestone for Brooks and for your whole family! He’s a resilient little trooper and we cannot wait to see him continue to blossom in the years to come!! Love you all to pieces and feel so grateful to have you all in our lives! Big hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

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