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We started our blog to share with you our latest work, highlighting our fabulous bello couples, families and other special projects, but this blog has quickly become a labor of love and a place where our hearts are exposed for the world to see. We hope the stories we share here will inspire you as much as the moments we capture. So browse through the posts, check the archives, leave comments and spread the love. We’d look forward to hearing from you!

With big love & hugs,
Chris & Andy xoxo

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Candice : WOW!!!!! Oooooooh and aaaaaaaah!!!! LOVE the new look!!!!!!! SO stunning! Fresh and happy! Just like you guys!! xxx
Amy Dunkin Donnelly : Love the new site and branding--so elegant and chic-- like both of you!It really showcases your fabulous work! Congratulations! xoxo Amy & Terence
Mattion Grazier : Love it! Love you two! Miss ya tons!
Ronnie : I love how you guys always capture the elegance, depth & crispness in what you do.
Francie : hey, love your new site! Most professional photographing! Congratulations!

Standing in the elevator of her condominium building, Christine couldn’t help but notice when the handsome young man dressed in tennis whites and carrying a racket stepped in. She was intrigued when Stephen started talking with her and asked if she wanted to join him for a game sometime. He left his number, but Christine was focused on her work and wasn’t interested in dating….or so she thought.

But, the love Gods weren’t having it. About six weeks later, while walking down the street, the two bumped into each other again. Christine was heading home from a long day of work and Stephen was on his way out. They stopped to say hello, and this time, Christine agreed to go for a drink with her handsome neighbor. And so began their love story…

This summer, Christine & Stephen will embark on the next happy chapter as they say, “I do!” at the beautiful ocean side Wequassett Resort in Harwich. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the band plays the Aerosmith classic, Love in an Elevator, as a nod to their fateful meeting!

We got together with these two cuties a couple of weeks ago for their Bello love session. It was also the first time we all met and I was particularly excited to finally put a face to the kind, sweet, funny woman I had been e-mailing/chatting with for months. As expected, Christine & Stephen were as lovely as we had imagined.

We met at Christine’s parents’ home in Falmouth and as a little treat, we got to meet them too. It is no surprise Christine is as lovely as she is! Dick and Linda are just delightful and made us feel incredibly welcome in their beautiful home. We all sat outside, sipping drinks, and snacking on cheese and crackers as we got acquainted, while looking at family photos and talking wedding plans. We have no doubt the wedding day is going to be a wonderful, joyful celebration of love…..and we can’t wait to be a part of that!

For now, here’s a sneak peek at our time with the lovely Christine & Stephen…

We started on the front stoop of her parent’s home, because we just love how front stoops speak of home, family and a welcome respite from the stresses of life. I mean, when does life get more simple than when you’re sitting on your stoop, snuggling and laughing with the one you love?

Next, we headed out to the backyard (where poor Dick quickly began pruning like a madman for us…..such an awesome dad!) for some more snuggling and laughing…love these two!!!

After getting warmed up to the idea of being photographed, we headed to our next location by the water. These two, like soooo many of our couples, were pretty nervous about being photographed. They claimed to not be able to take a decent photo….um, yeah, whatever….heard that before. Big, silly fibbers! Christine, like another Christine my husband knows, was particularly worried about how she photographed. We all thought she was seeing things we just didn’t see, but being my own worst critic in front of the camera, I could absolutely empathize and really went the extra mile to try and capture just how lovely, beautiful, kind, sweet and caring this wonderful woman is. I will be holding my breath to hear what she thinks of our efforts….

I just loooooove these boats! Love the colors and the way you really have to get close to be in one. It didn’t hurt having such a gorgeous couple in them to photograph either!!!

Heaven looks like this….

Our next stop took us to our favorite lighthouse, where our happy couple really found their stride in front of our cameras. The e-session really is as much about all of us getting to know and feel comfortable with one another….building trust and confidence….as it is about getting pretty pictures. And, we absolutely love the process. It is so fun for us and we hope for our couples too!

Does it get more classically Cape Cod than this? I think not!

These two did a lot of smooching, and I have to say, being around that kind of affection and passion is so nice for us! Andy & I have been together for (I can hardly believe it) nearly 19 years and those intense feelings of infatuation that drew us to one another back on the beaches of Marbella, Spain, are still there. But, time has a way of changing things. We have a history now. We have been together through hard times and glory days. We know each other better than we know ourselves. We have lifted each other up and sometimes, in a moment of weakness, we have let each other down. The history we share has a way of covering the early passion and wild abandon with layers of stronger, deeper feelings of love, commitment, trust & familiarity. One is not better than the other. Rather, they are all part of the joy that is life! It’s such a treat for us to get to regularly see new love, in all its sweet, unbridled glory….when the  kisses are still new and the electricity nearly visible. Sometimes, after a particularly good session with our couples, we drive home, holding hands a little tighter. The kisses taste a little sweeter and those old feelings bubble closer to the surface, making us appreciate the journey that has led us to today. Christine & Stephen did that for us and we hope these photos of their kisses and tender touches may one day remind them of this time in their lives and do for them what they did for us….

Smiles and almost kisses = my favorite things to photograph.

“In your eyes I see a world of possibility, a love as deep as the deepest ocean, and a reflection of me that is one I strive to live up to.” THIS is love!

Oh Christine….if you could see you as we do. You are absolutely stunning! In every way!  And, Stephen, you’re pretty fabulous (and dashingly handsome) as well!

Down to the waters edge, getting to close to the waves, and loving every minute of it…

Side by side…..forever!

By this time in the session, I think it’s safe to say we were all realllllly enjoying ourselves. And, here….with the setting sun casting its warm glow, sparks flew….

and, hearts filled….

And joy, it did flow like a rising tide.

I’ve said it a million times, and for these two it rings as true as ever…..There is NO better place than in the arms of the one you love. Ahhhhhhh!

Hubba. Hubba. Hubba!!!!

Christine & Stephen…..THANK YOU! Thank you for opening your hearts to us. Thank you for trusting us, and letting down your guard….when we know it was not easy for you. Thank you for inviting us to share in such a special time in your lives, without even having met us yet. Thank you for welcoming us into your home with open arms and making us feel like old friends! We hope these photos show you what we see in you…..warm ,wonderful, lovely, kind, caring, SEXY, beautiful people who have a deep affection for one another and who light up everything around them. We adore you and are so excited to get to share in the love & celebration that will be all around you in just a couple of months! Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this time in your lives and our time together. With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxoxo

PS…We’d like to send a special shout out of love to Dick & Linda for just being so totally awesome! Can’t wait to give you both big hugs again in September! xo

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Julia Camarco : Christine you look beautiful! These photos are so amazing...so much love!!!

You ever meet a couple and instantly think, “These guys are perfect for each other; they make being in a relationship look easy!” Well that’s exactly how I felt last week, after Andy & I spent the day with Kelly & Bryan for our Bello love session (aka engagement session or, as another of our brides this year, Christine, so cutely put it….snuggle session.)

We first met Kelly & Bryan last year at the Martha’s Vineyard wedding of Cara & Brendan. Kelly is Cara’s cousin and sweet definitely runs in the genes in this wonderful family. Just love them! Click HERE for a peek at Cara’s amazing wedding and Kel’s appearance as bridesmaid extraordinaire. So fun!

Kel & Bryan first met about 7 years ago. Kel was “sick as a dog, wearing a hoodie, jeans and no-make up,” but her friends dragged her out to a local dive bar to see a friend’s band. She wasn’t exactly primed for finding love, but even in her sickly state, she made a lasting impression on Bryan, who had already been in the bar for a while getting his fun on. Even with a healthy buzz going, Bryan immediately noticed Kelly. Sadly, she was just arriving as he was leaving.

As fate would have it, the two bumped into each other again the following weekend at the same local pub. Being a bit more clear headed, Bryan decided to make his move.

“It was love at first…and apparently second…sight,” Bryan told us.

Kelly, however, was doing her best to avoid eye contact with the slightly sauced “weird guy” from the previous weekend. Bryan was determined. He mustered the nerve to go over and flex his best pick up line, “Hey, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” He knew exactly where he had seen her, and so did Kelly. But, his line worked. The two chatted, and after a while, Kelly found Bryan and his persistence charming.

“My love for Bryan grew over time and continues to grow each and every day,” Kelly told us. “He’s always in a good mood, positive and let’s me be me, no matter what. He makes me feel incredibly special and that I’m the only one for him.”

Kelly & Bryan will say, “I do!” this summer, surrounded by family & friends at the Black Rock Country Club in Hingham. And, we can’t wait to be there with them, documenting all of the love & joyful celebration we just know will surround them!

When we asked them what they would like for us to know about them that they thought would help us truly capture them and their relationship in photographs they said, “We plan to grow old together and want to make the journey as fun as we can.”

After spending the day with them last week, we have no doubt that these two are in for a lifetime of fun. And, we’re pretty sure that’s exactly how their guests will describe their wedding as they begin this new chapter of their journey together. How lucky are we to get to be a part of that?!!

Here’s  a look at our time together last week, as we visited some of our favorite spots in Sandwich.

Happy, fun, beautiful LOVE…No seven year itch happening here….quite the opposite!

I truly believe that a couple who laughs together stays together. Life is too short and too full of serious stuff to not make time for fun!

And, these two have it down….with a generous dose of sweet sincerity and deep affection thrown in for good measure!

Bryan looks like the luckiest guy in the world. Just love his expression in this next one…”Well chuffed” is how Andy would describe it!

Smiles & kisses and gentle touches….just delightful!

Loving glances + silly giggles + a gorgeous couple by a beautiful pond = heaven.


Classic Cape Cod and classic Kel & Bry…just having a good time!


Happy! Happy! Happy!

These next two are some of my faves from the day. I just LOOOOVE the way Bryan is so tenderly holding Kel’s face and the way they’re looking at each other is just delightful….so full of playful affection. So totally them! And, the one on the right says of Kelly, “This is my happy place!”

Another fave….just LOVE the look on Kelly’s gorgeous, smitten face! Priceless!

A little Americana lovin’….

On Golden Pond….

Kelly is so much fun to photograph. She’s freaking gorgeous, and so happy and excited to be photographed with her sweet, attentive man. We could have kept taking photos of these two all night!

Down to the beach for a little change of scenery….Yes, Bryan, we see the bum grab….a true sign that a couple has been together for years. Andy sometimes does that to me without realizing it. I like to think it speaks of comfort and security.

Sassy. Sassy! Meeeeoooow!

Isn’t she lovely?!!

More giggles….my favorite thing to see with our couples!

The path to our future….yaaaaay!!

More boardwalk cuteness! Love Bryan’s face on the left. Shy & smitten all at once!

Helllloooooooo Miss Thang! So sexy!

And, finally, into Sandwich center for a little downtown feel. Wish the ice cream shop had been opened. I had my heart set on a cone.

Kel & Bryan, you two are wonderful….as individuals and as a couple. Thank you for coming down to spend the afternoon (and evening) with us. We could have kept talking all night had the waitress not been giving us the stink eye as she swept around us. We’ll have to do it again soon! For now, we hope you enjoy these photos and that they serve as happy reminders of this exciting time in your lives. We cannot wait to get you back in front of our cameras for your “I dos!” We just know you’re both going to be overflowing with happiness and we’re excited to capture that for you! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

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Holly B. : Photos of Kelly and Bryan are absolutely stunning !
Cara : These are absolutely stunning! Chris & Andy, you captured Kelly & Bryan's love so beautifully and you're spot on that these two are absolutely perfect together. Their smiles say it all :) Can't wait for September!!
Adrienne : Awesome photos of a beautiful couple! Congratulations in advance, Kelly and Brian!
Monica O. : I LOVE the pictures of my brother and Kelly, what a great couple!
Beverly : You guys have a true gift for finding "essence" in the eyes of your subjects! These photos are fabulous! Much love to Kelly & Bryan! Beverly McAuley

Andy & I sometimes struggle with deciding what to do to make an engagement session fun and engaging for our couples. We want so badly for our couples to feel that trusting us to document such a significant time in their lives was the right thing to do. It’s important to us that our couples leave feeling excited about what we’ve done together and what we can do for them when we’re at their wedding. Knowing how to achieve this, however, isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Often times, we plan on multiple locations for our sessions, thinking that if we have more varied backgrounds, it’ll give us more places to shoot, which, in true American fashion, we’ve come to believe will result in better photographs….you know, more + bigger = better.

Well, the other day we got schooled on that point….big time. Turns out the what, where, and how much isn’t nearly as important as the who. I think we’ve always known this on some level, but being in a situation that wasn’t typical for us made us do and see things differently….perhaps more clearly.

We had planned to meet Jacqueline & Mitty at Jacqueline’s family’s summer home in North Falmouth. The stunning beach-front property is where they’ll have their wedding later this summer. It’s beautiful, but I’m not going to lie, we were a little worried about doing all the photos there, since we didn’t want to use up all our creativity before the wedding.

Although we hadn’t yet met Jacqueline or Mitty, the conversations we’d had via phone & email had me thinking that we were going to have some fun together. And, have fun we did! Big time!!

What made this session particularly poignant for us and, in the process, taught us a valuable lesson, was staying in one place….a place, that for all its beauty, didn’t have a ton going on in terms of varied backdrops. But, in the end, that didn’t matter, because what it did have was Jacqueline & Mitty.

Although Jac had warned us…more than once….that she reaaaaallly did not enjoy having her photo taken and ALWAYS looks terrible in pictures…she even showed us one of her childhood photos to “prove” her point, it, like the ones you’ll soon see, wasn’t even close to awful. We spent about an hour with them before taking out our cameras….just talking and getting to know each other.  And, in that, we found not only great chemistry, but we got a feel for who they are, as individuals and as a couple. And, as it turned out, that was all the background we needed.

What happened next was magic.

I’m not saying we’re such hot shot photographers that we can create magic. And, you may not think these photos are necessarily better than any others we’ve taken. But, for us, they were significant, because through the process of taking them we learned that if you take time and you let people show you who they are, and you’re open to going there with them…..magic can be found ANYWHERE!

We want so badly to give our clients the very best we have, sometimes we mistakenly think that will only happen if we add in lots of visual interest to the scenery by going to more than one location, maybe pick a theme as is the trend du jour….you know, with balloons or vintage suitcases, picnic baskets, an old typewriter, and a beach cruiser bicycle, etc. Yes, those photos are fun, but what do they really tell you about the people in them? When you strip everything away and you just let people be who they are….that is far more interesting to me.

So, thank you Jac & Mitty for showing us the way….

Without further ado, meet our happy couple! A cocktail and your favorite person in your favorite place….what more do you need?

Snuggling with your sweetie and just enjoying the moment….priceless.

It boggles my mind that Jac thinks she makes weird faces in photos. Every time I pressed the shutter I felt the air leave my lungs, blown away by her beauty….both inside and so obviously out! Mitty, you’re no schlep either my friend! Hummuna! Hummuna!

These two are so awesome to watch together…so natural and easy. Even though this was our first meeting, it felt more like getting together with dear friends. Speaking of old friends, Jac & Mitty found us through Jac’s mom, Elissa, whose dear friend, Gail, had worked with us when her super sweet son, Parke, and his beautiful wife, Sarah, got married seven years ago. Click HERE for a peek. Thanks Gail!!!! We appreciate you spreading the bello love and hope to see you at the wedding! xx

I mean come on…..stunningly happy or what???

There was a lot of kissing and smiling when these two were near each other and all we had to do was stand back and take it all in….I love my job!

The next photo on the left feels like an ad for something wonderful that I need to buy and the one on the right ought to be next to the word “content” in the dictionary.  { Happy Sigh… }

We had them walk across the lawn for these next few and Jac was feeling the photo session a lot more now…so much show that she was doing this AH-MAZING walk that was a photographer’s dream. Just right in all the right ways. But, I guess it’s not one she normally uses in her daily life because Mitty thought it was just silly enough to imitate, which had us all in stitches! Love it!!!!

Isn’t she lovely…I love the feeling of freedom in this next shot. Yes, Mitty is cut off (sorry Mitty) and it doesn’t follow the classic rules of photography. But, sometimes, once you know the rules, there is more fun (and if you’re lucky….a little magic) to be found in breaking them.

Mitty all chuffed with himself and his funny impression. Just delightful!

Cute. Cute. And, more cute!!!

A quick change and down to the beach for some more lovin’ goodness….But, truth be told, we could have kept them in that same spot on the lawn and continued capturing more amazing moments. They were giving us exactly what we needed and it didn’t matter a lick where we were. Love that!!!

Maybe it was nerves, but Jac had this way of looking to Mitty during the session, perhaps for comfort or reassurance or just overcome by love. Whatever the reason, it was so lovely.

Love these guys….cannot wait to be with them again!

Love is….being wrapped in the arms of the person you plan to spend your life with, as the sun sets in a place that feeds your soul….yup, indeedy!

Love gazing….

And, passionate kisses….

Soooo goood……..

The look of love….

These moments were my faves…when Jac & Mitty would just crack up, I guess feeling silly for all their love displays. But, even that they made look fabulous! I tend to show more photos to our subjects than Andy. He likes to leave some surprise for them, and I like to encourage them with some visual evidence that they truly don’t look silly/weird in photos….or anything even closely resembling that! And, by this point in the session, Jac & Mitty were finally believing us. Success!!!!

The sun had pretty much set and our time had come to an end….so sad, but so good.

The end….

Jac & Mitty….you guys had us at, “Hello!” Right from the moment you got out of the car with your big, kind, happy smiles, we knew we were in for some fun! Thank you for being so warm & welcoming. Thank you for the hospitality, for being as interested in us as we are in you, and for taking such great care as you filled out our Getting To Know You survey.Thank you for showing us that the connection is always more important than the location and that is where we must always focus our attention. Thank you too, for trusting us, when we know you weren’t totally comfortable in front of our cameras. We hope our experience together changes how you feel about being photographed, so that you always feel happy about documenting what we KNOW will be a beautiful life together!! We could have stayed talking and hanging out all night! Thank you for making us feel that way and for reminding us why we love what we do! We can’t wait to see you again when you commit your hearts & lives to one another with your families & friends there to cheer you on! (We’ll be quietly cheering along as well!). Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of our time together, and of this exciting time in your lives. We hope too that we fulfilled your wish of looking like Brad & Angelina or Tom & Giselle….or perhaps something even better….YOU!

Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

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There are only a handful of people from high school with whom I still keep in touch, and for most of those, the connection is just a Facebook one. But, I love when a story about two people starts with, “We met in high school.” There’s something so sweet & innocent about a relationship that begins at a time when life is so full of possibility. And, that’s exactly how things began for Hollis & Adam. Hollis was a freshman and Adam a strapping senior who, at the time, seemed out of reach.

Although Hollis & Adam went to high school together and knew, more or less, who each other was, they didn’t formally meet until college, when a mutual friend suggested it. “We started talking over Instant Messenger, when that was still a big thing. I think our first conversation was three hours long, and it was a little freaky how much we had in common,” Hollis told us. “I always joke we met online.”

A few months after that first e-chat, the pair met in person at a New Year’s Eve party, and for the most part they have been inseparable ever since.

“I knew right away that New Year’s Eve that Hollis was going to be part of my life,” Adam told us. “I just loved everything about her, but she needed a little more convincing. I eventually won her heart and we have been beyond happy ever since.”

We first met Hollis & Adam a couple of years ago, when they attended the wedding of Hollis’s cousin, Kim. Hollis was a bridesmaid and Andy & I were the photographers. Click HERE for a look at Kim & Jamie’s amazing Wequassett wedding. We had a couple of bumps at the start of the day. Per usual, I was with the girls and Andy was with the guys as they got dressed and ready. Things were running a little late, and then pop….what you never want to happen on your wedding day did. Kim’s sister’s dress ripped while trying to zip her in. I know…I can hear the collective gasp from brides reading this now. Apparently, the alterations threw the zipper’s alignment off and nearly sent the maid of honor into panic & tears. Boooo!

Happily, in addition to being decent at photography, I am also pretty adept at handling a needle and thread, which was good news since none of the ladies knew how to sew. We stitched Sara in and still had plenty of time for photos. Sometimes I wonder if it was our photography or my sewing skills that won us the job when Hollis & Adam got engaged. Whatever the real reason, we’re super happy to be a part of another celebration of love for this wonderful family!! Because, as it happens, we’re pretty smitten with them! And, we can’t wait to get to know Adam’s family too!

We’re expecting a full blown love fest when Hollis & Adam say “I do!” next spring at the beautiful beach-side Chatham Bars Inn. We cannot wait to be a part it!! And, yes, I’m packing my mini sewing kit, just in case!

We got together with Hollis & Adam a couple of weeks ago in Osterville, for a little bello love session. I feel funny calling it that, but engagement session doesn’t feel right either. I need to work on this. Anyway, we had a blast and are super excited to share some of our favorite moments from our time together. So, without further ado, meet Hollis & Adam….

Yaaaay for love and laughter!!

A little woodsy romance…

Snuggling amid the trees.

Boardwalks and broad smiles….yaaay!

In your eyes….

Some Main Street snuggling.

Hollis shared with us that she’s shy about PDA. We get it, really we do. Despite her trepidation, Hollis was totally a sport and trusted us enough to go for it. She let down her guard and turned up the PDA dial and we are soooooo grateful. We hope these photos make her feel it was totally worth it!! Grrrrrrrr….sexy!

And silly!

And definitely sweet….

After some time in town, we headed to the beach for a bit more playtime. Adam is adorable….and apparently….crafty. He made this sign for Hollis for when he proposed. We just love that he brought it along for the session. I mean, does it get any sweeter???

Wherever you lead, my love, I will happily follow!

Blue skies, tall grass and warm embraces….oh how they send this heart a racin’.

We try to post a few photos on Facebook before the blog comes out. This one seems to be a Facebook favorite….and mine too. So natural and relaxed, and exactly how we like it. Can we talk about how Hollis is using two hands to hold Adam’s? Just lovely!

A different perspective on love session kisses….

A couple that is willing to wade in the muck together is my kind of couple! After all, life can get messy. Best just to embrace it!

And, as the sun sets, we call it a night…..the end. Love the photo on the right….it’s how love should always feel.

Hollis & Adam, thank you both soooooo much for taking time out to come play with us, and more importantly, for kissing & snuggling in public even though it scared the snot out of you. You did AH-MAZING!! You were relaxed and playful, giggling and snuggly and just a delight to not only photograph, but just to be around. We are beyond thrilled that you selected us to share in this special time in your lives and we look forward with great excitement, to watching your love story begin a new chapter! Until then, we hope these photos make you smile and perhaps make you even more excited to say, “I do!” with us there documenting all of the love-filled moments sure to pepper your day! With lots of love & big hugs, Christine & Andy xoxoxo

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Julie : Needless to say...absolutely beautiful photos!!! And.. Christine although your sewing skills are awesome, and you basically did save the day..your photography skills are why we love you! You and Andy have a way of capturing the essence and the individuality of the love of each couple you photograph in such a touching and artistic way. I think it's because you both are such amazing people whose love shines through the camera...just sayin!
Lucinda Graham : Wonderful, wonderful pictures. They look so happy, as they should.
Chris & Andy : Dearest, sweetest Julie.....you sure do know how to make a girl (and a guy) feel extra special!! What a wonderful thing to say about us. We do love what we do, particularly the connecting with people part. It really is a give & take love exchange and I can't tell you how much it means to hear such lovely affirming words....particularly when they're coming from someone as wonderful as you. It's funny, I didn't get to spend as much time getting to know your crazy sweet sister on Kimmy's day, mainly b/c I think I was sweating & sewing like a madwoman. :) But, sitting down with her, Hollis & Adam back a few months ago, it was obvious that you all come from some pretty wonderful stock! Your parents sure did know how to raise warm, kind, loving, fabulous women! Can't wait to hang with both of you in April! I really am banking on there being a lot less sweating and sewing! Sending big hugs & love and much thanks for being so supportive! It's much appreciated! xoxoxo Thank you too Lucinda!! Reading the love let's us know folks are actually reading our posts! So muchas gracias! xxx

There is no better compliment as a wedding photographer than when a couple asks you to photograph their wedding, after seeing you work at their friends’ wedding and being impressed enough with what you did and captured for their friends that they want you to do it all over again for them. That’s how we came to meet super sweeties Kate & Hugh.

Last summer, we photographed the amazing Woods Hole wedding of Avery & Tommy (see HERE for a peek) and Kate & Hugh were there. They saw our photos from the wedding and wanted us to be a part of their Woods Hole wedding this summer and we couldn’t be happier about that, as it promises to be a party of epic proportions.

We got together with these two cuties two weeks ago at Kate’s family’s summer home, the place where the “I dos” will take place. We got to mooch around and scout out some fun spots for photos, saving some of our favorites for the wedding day. But, with so much beauty concentrated in one place, we had plenty to choose from and had a lot of fun getting to know these two lovebirds a bit better.

Without further ado….meet Kate & Hugh.

We instantly hit it off with these two right from our first meeting, but during our love session, I think I pulled a muscle laughing so hard. Hugh is a big, loveable goofball and sweet Kate is his perfect sidekick. These two know how to have fun together….even if they’re doing nothing more than standing beside a big old tree. In the photo on the left, Hugh was showing us some of his model moves, leaning up on the tree all sexy style. I don’t know how I was able to actual take photos. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing….neither could Kate. I’m pretty sure there is no better ingredient in a long, happy marriage than lots of laughter….and if what I suspect is true…these two are in for quite a joyful journey together!

There he goes again….Just delightful.

What makes these two extra sweet is the story of how they met. About three and a half years ago, soon after moving to NYC, Kate’s cousin, Paige, decided she wanted to fix Kate up on a blind date and she had the perfect guy….Hugh. Hugh was best friends with Paige’s roommate’s boyfriend. The roommates conspired and the date was set.  “We had a lot of things in common, and knew that it was a great fit from the start,” Kate said. Hugh told us that, for him, it was definitely love at first site. “I remember when the elevator doors opened and I saw Kate for the first time,” he said, adding that he was blown away by the beautiful, petite, spunky woman before him. “On our first date, I asked Kate if she had any hobbies or played any sports. She said, ‘I play one game called, ‘I Win,’ and I said, ‘How do you play that?’ Kate replied, ‘I Win!!!’” Hugh was hooked!

A loving glance…

A tender kiss…

We love it when our couples let down their guards, easing into the flow of the session and enjoying themselves right away. In this next photo, Hugh was feeling inspired and asked if he & Kate could lean on opposite poles. We said, “sure, why not!” They were enjoying their creative direction so much, they decided to give themselves a high five. Love these guys! So silly & so much fun!!!

Silly, happy, fun, wonderful….Hugh & Kate!

What’s really wonderful about these two is they don’t really have to be doing much of anything to make each other (and us) laugh. Just watching Hugh take a little stroll down the front foyer was enough to send Kate….and me…into stitches. And, I can see them still having this effect on each other many happy years from now! Just wonderful!

More giggles and loving glances…

Looooove this next one….it just sums these two and their loving relationship up perfectly!

And this flirty little exchange makes my heart purr….

Next, we headed down to the newly renovated family dock for some more silliness.

Again….this series is all them! “Hark, what doth sail on yonder way?” Goofballs!

Silly & sexy all rolled into one….stupendous!

I really like this next one….the way Kate’s hair is covering half her face…so Cover Girl. And, the confident, content expression on Hugh’s handsome face. And, of course, I always love me some good leading lines to make a photo interesting.

Helllooooooo goood lookin’…

Kate is pint size, particularly standing next to Hugh (who I think is like 6’3″…maybe more)…..and I just love the tippy toe kisses. So sweet!

In your sweetie’s arms….it’s the best place to be!

Some more gorgeous giggles and a tender kiss to wrap things up.

Kate & Hugh, thank you sooooo much for such an enjoyable afternoon. We were already excited about getting to be a part of your wedding, which is sure to be an incredible celebration. But, now, we’re giddy with anticipation. Watching you two together is so delightful. It’s obvious the love and affection you have for one another and seeing the way you play together and just genuinely enjoy each other….well, there really is nothing better. You remind us why we love what we do. Getting to be around such love is truly a blessing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Can’t wait to do it all again in just a couple of months!! With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo

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Michaela Brennan : These are perfect, as usual! Kate looks great, such a small world!
Melissa McNamara : You guys are absolutely awesome! I SO enjoyed looking at every single photo. You two couldn't the more perfect for each other... xoxo lots of love.
Emma Josselyn : Absolutely beautiful! They look like they had a lot of fun!!! :)