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Candice : WOW!!!!! Oooooooh and aaaaaaaah!!!! LOVE the new look!!!!!!! SO stunning! Fresh and happy! Just like you guys!! xxx
Amy Dunkin Donnelly : Love the new site and branding--so elegant and chic-- like both of you!It really showcases your fabulous work! Congratulations! xoxo Amy & Terence
Mattion Grazier : Love it! Love you two! Miss ya tons!
Ronnie : I love how you guys always capture the elegance, depth & crispness in what you do.
Francie : hey, love your new site! Most professional photographing! Congratulations!

I’ve always thought pregnant women were magnificent. There’s something so incredible about a body growing, feeding,  and sustaining life inside itself that just blows my mind.

I’ll never forget something I saw years ago, back when I used to commute to work in Boston, on the train. It was a stinking hot summer day and I was sitting across from a very pregnant mom-to-be in a pretty sundress that was clinging tightly to her beautiful round belly, when all of a sudden her belly moved.

I’m talking, alien-like, holy moly, this-baby-wants-its-head-on-the-other-side-of-your-body kind of moving. I literally gasped when I saw it and had to hold myself back from asking to touch her belly. It was so cool and completely mind-blowing at the same time….undeniable proof that there was another life inside that pretty young woman. So totally awesome.

I never thought then, that many years later, I would get to photograph expectant moms, in all of their super-human glory. I never imagined that they would entrust ME with their perfect bellies….inviting me to document this beautiful, vulnerable, incredible, powerful, emotional time in their lives.

It’s such an intimate exchange we share and I am beyond humbled to do this love-filled work. I don’t gasp anymore when I see a baby move inside its momma, but I do squeal with delight and ask for a feel.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley, an expecting mom to 14-month-old Winnie. Ashley is the dear friend of one of our Bello brides, Aimee, whose wedding we photographed several years ago, and have since had the pleasure of photographing her crazy cute little girl, Tess, and Aimee’s extended family.

Ashley had first reached out to us last year. She wanted us to photograph Winnie when she was just a newborn. But, as any working mom with a newborn knows…life can be cuckoo and it just never happened for us to get together.

Until now….

I traveled off Cape to photograph these two sweet ladies at their home in Wellesley. I had so much fun with them and cannot wait to meet baby #2 when he/she makes their debut next month.

In the meantime, here’s a look at sweet Winnie and her beautiful momma…who makes being 8 months pregnant look way too easy….and glamorous!

Winnie was having so much fun with this colorful toy….I just love the tongue out in concentration, and the far away perspective before she notices her new friend is gone.

A quite outfit change and some more toys to play with….can we talk about those angelic eyes for a second? I want to much her like she’s munching on that block!

Another change and a little snack time….birds and flowers and eyelashes…oh my!

Playing with Grandpa….woooo hooo for funny grandpas!

We decided to give Winnie a little break and headed outside to check out the snow. I predict a snow bunny in the making. Winnie was crazy for the snow, delighting in it…and even having a taste. Can we talk about the lamb hat? Come on!!

Playing with her sled and her sweet Nana Gail. I don’t know whose face lights up more when she smiles…but both gorgeous faces had me smiling from ear to ear!

Back inside and between wardrobe changes…the tights and no top…I can hardly stand the off-the-charts cuteness, particularly as she holds lammy by the tail!

Now for some momma time….heeelllllloooo beautiful!!! I mean, come on!!!

Ashley is stunning and pregnancy suits her in a way that takes this photographer’s breath away!

A little vintage wet plate look….

Heavenly curves highlighted by heavenly light…

Are we happy about Baby #2….ohhhh yeah!!!

I just love these next two of Winnie. The left one I just love…don’t know why. And, the one on the right speaks to Winnie’s curiosity and her sense of wonder. Just adore this sweet girl!

Ashley, thank you so very much for sharing this exciting time in your life with me. I absolutely loved photographing you & Winnie and cannot wait to meet your new little lovebug when he/she joins the party in a couple of weeks. Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of our time together and some special time with your sweet girl! Thank you too to your mom & dad for their warm welcome, and to sweet Kensey for keeping Winnie smiling! Looking forward to seeing you all again, to meeting Patrick, Meg & Molly and introducing you all to Andy when we get together again this summer for some family time! With big love & hugs, Christine xoxo

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Heather M. : Christine these photos are adorable... and so is that Winnie! Beautifully done... one of these days when I get my stuff together i'll be in touch to get my little one in your lens as well. :)
Andy & Chris : Hi Heather, Soooo awesome to see you here and thanks so much for the sweet comments!! We would looooove to photograph you & Jesse and get your sweet Ella Bella in front of our lenses! Just say the word! :) Big love & hugs to you all! xoxo
Ashley : I am beyond thrilled with the amazing photos that Christine was able to capture! She was amazing with Winnie -- getting her to interact, but also blending into the background to capture some quiet moments of Winnie playing with her toys! I had high hopes/expectations after hearing wonderful things about Christine, but her work truly was amazing and better than I had imagined! I can't wait for her to photograph our new addition that should arrive any day! Still in awe of her and her work...a truly giftest person! Thank you, thank you!

I love photographing people. There is something so fulfilling about staring through a lens and peering into the eyes (and often heart & soul) of another person that makes you feel connected to the world in a way few other things can.

I think that being a photographer is as much about connecting with people as it is about being able to take a pleasing picture. And, the better the connection, the better the photos.

Nearly two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have two of my favorite people to photograph ~ Julia & John ~  back in front of my camera to get some pictures of their son, Brayden, who they welcomed into the world last month.

I drove to NYC to see them all and we got to spend some wonderful quality time together. It was relaxed, personal and, as expected, I instantly fell in love with sweet Brady.

Andy doesn’t normally join me for newborn sessions…mostly because they’re more intimate and having two of us there can be a little overwhelming for everyone involved. Plus, I’m a bit of a baby hog. Andy loves when babies grow into talking, playing, fun little people….but me, I’m ready to hold them right from Day 1, and am not shy about asking. I can’t help it….I love them and everything they represent…life, love, hope & faith!

I love the way babies smell. I love their big round, full bellies. I love just staring into their new eyes and kissing them all over (though I try to limit this when it comes to the babies of folks I don’t know super well…but, I’ll admit…it isn’t easy). I feel natural with babies and have been blessed to see two make their way into the world….a gift I will cherish forever.

But, the thing I love most about babies, is watching them with their new parents. I haven’t had any babies of my own, so I’m not speaking from personal experience, but almost everyone I love & care for has children and I’ve watched the process with curiosity, admiration and a healthy dose of awe.

I’ve watched as young lovers immediately shift their focus from one another to this precious new life they created. Sleeping habits change. Priorities change. Life changes. It’s not all flowers & fairytales. There are lots of dirty diapers, projectile vomiting and crying that can’t be soothed. There are short tempers and unmet personal needs. But, in the midst of all of that chaos is this little life and all it wants and needs is you. And, so sacrifices are made willingly.

It’s a beautiful time in a family’s life…and it’s also fleeting. Within just a few weeks, that little face you’ve been staring at will stare back at you and smile. By about five months, that tiny little bundle of love you nervously took home from the hospital will have already doubled in size. And, before you know it, your baby’s first teeth are coming in and words only they understand are flying from their sweet lips.

It’s so special to me when new parents want us to document their babies first few weeks of life, particularly when those new parents are also our wedding couples. Like weddings, babies represent new beginnings…a new and meaningful chapter in the life of a couple. It already means a lot to me & Andy when our wedding couples keep us in their lives by staying in touch. And, when our couples, turned friends, want us to keep documenting important milestones, it really is THE greatest compliment.

Julia & John have been in our lives for a few years now. We first fell in love with them when we got to photograph their love session (aka engagement session), which still remains one of my personal favorites. You can read why HERE.  Our love for them only grew stronger when less than a week before their wedding, I was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove one of my fallopian tubes, which was rupturing due to an ectopic pregnancy.

Andy & I were devastated by our loss, but that was quickly put to the back burner because our priority was making sure I was okay to photograph Julia & John’s wedding (and another wedding the day after). We are very lucky to have some amazing photographer friends who rallied and helped us, by carrying my bags and being there to supplement when I needed to rest. I just moved more slowly than usual, but we still got some amazing moments documented in photographs.

Through it all, Julia & John never once expressed concern that we wouldn’t do everything we’d promised to do. Quite the opposite. They sent flowers and asked if there was anything they could do to help us. They were completely understanding about bringing another photographer friend to help out and seemed far more worried about me all day than they should have been. And, the support continued in the weeks that followed, when the emotional scars began to reveal themselves.

All of this was with me as I traveled to New York to photograph them and their sweet boy.  I am so grateful to Julia & John for not only being the amazing, supportive, wonderful, generous, kind people that they are, but for sharing this very special time in their lives with me in such an open, real way.

I had driven up on Friday night, and stayed with them, in their apartment. I woke up early Saturday morning to the sound of Brady crying and wanted to capture that time, in the early morning hours with momma & her babe. Some of the first photos of our time together are among my favorites. It’s these unscripted life moments that really move me and make me fall further in love with what I do and the people with whom I get to share it.

An early morning feeding and a swaddled, sleeping Brady.

Sleeping beauty…

It wasn’t super early, just about 7AM, but it was threatening to snow, so the sky was dark and the light in the apartment was so moody and perfect for representing what every mother goes through….those early morning feedings when the rest of the world appears sleeping.

This is my favorite of Julia & Brady. I just love the moodiness of the light (with the office buildings across the street still lit inside from the night before) and how it speaks to the bond shared by mother and baby in those early days and early hours. Be still my baby-loving heart!!!

Unfortunately, snow prevented me getting to NYC sooner, so Brady was about 6 weeks old when I visited, and he was just finding his smile. Even half asleep, he had one for his beautiful momma!

Pure deliciousness

Honestly…this next one is too much. Can we talk about the back chub and those lips?!! Just heavenly!!!

Momma & Baby and Daddy & Baby. Brady was finding it hard to stay awake, but that’s how it should be in the first few weeks of life.

Because when they’re sleeping, they’re not moving, and we can document all of their sweet little bits, like the inverted baby knuckles and tiny fingernails. Mmmmmm good!

Nudie petudie…baby perfection. Can we talk about those little tootsies?


Awake now, Brady & daddy share some Eskimo kisses….

Momma kisses make Brady hungry….the tongue….it’s too much!


Happy little guy….LOVE him!!!

A little chill time with Dadda…Brady was talking to John (in his own way) it was so fun to watch the exchange!

Love this next moment as Brady fuels up. We had a lot of time together, which was so nice for a bunch of reason, one big one being that it allowed us to just hang out and chat at times, and other times I’d take pictures. It never felt rushed or forced, which is how it should be with new babies. And, the in between moments like this….are the ones I love most.

Wide awake in the afternoon, Brady was totally digging playtime with his beautiful Mommy & Daddy.

Julia & John really wanted a photo of all of their hands. And, I love the way it incorporated Julia’s sweet Farsi tattoo that reads, LOVE, and John’s bracelet, which he wears in memory of his dad, who passed away a few years ago. I asked John what he was most afraid of in being a parent and his reply, “That I won’t be as good of a dad as my dad was.” NO worries there, mate!! I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing your dad, but even having that as a concern tells me you are already way ahead of the game!

Our little love nugget fell asleep again, so it gave me some time to get some portraits of John & Julia.

But first a few more bits….

twinkle toes…

Hello beautiful. I love this woman!

Snuggling in bed with your main squeeze, while your baby happily sleeps in the other room….is there anything better?

Snuggle time…it was really nice actually doing this for Julia & John. Brayden has been their focus these past few weeks, and I think it was good for them to take a moment and turn their focus toward each other again. I’m sure having me there made it kind of weird…but still.

Our super sweet NYC family….photographed NYC style. Love it! The best part of our time together was that when it was time for me to leave, John & Julia were also leaving the city to go visit John’s lovely momma, Jerri, who was celebrating her birthday. They were planning to have dinner together. So, J, J & B hitched a ride with me to CT on my way back home and I got to give Jerri a b-day hug and deliver the best present a Mom could ask for….time with her baby (& better yet…her grand baby). Happy birthday Jerri!!

Julia & John….thank you soooo much for once again sharing yourselves with me in such a love-filled way. I adore you two and am so happy to have one more of you to love! Brady is beautiful in every way and I loved my time with him and with both of you!! Looking forward to catching up again soon here on the Cape. Until then, Andy & I hope these photos serve as happy reminders of these early weeks with your sweet little boo. We love you guys! Chris & Andy xoxo

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Julia Lovallo : Chris, I absolutely ADORE you! So where do I begin...you are a wonderful human being. You are kind, generous, loving, hysterically funny, warm, and INCREDIBLY talented. I am awed by your spirit...I can go on forever. We are so thankful to have met both you and Andy. We love you, your work, and heart! xoxo
Jerri : Wow! Wow! Wow! Utterly amazing photos ... Chris, you are in a league of your own! Not only are the photos stunning, your captions tugged at my heart strings as well. Great job!!!
Kristen : These images are as beautiful as you. You opened up in a way that I was not expecting & my heart burst... What a wonderful connection to this sweet family - looking forward to seeing you & giving you a huge hug. Xoxo
Sam : wow ............ I actually have tears rolling down my cheeks now. Chrissy you capture such amazing moments - I know even know this lovely couple and their gorgeous baby, but feel like I do and that's all down to your intimate, delicate photography which pulls you in and almost puts you in a trance like state. Amazing work ..... Can I also say that No Mum should EVER look as good as this lady does - what is her secret?????
susan : I am in love with this lovely family!

We’ve said this before, but we really do love it when our wedding couples come back to us to share the next happy milestone in their lives….children. Not only do we get to spend time with our ole’ pals, but we get to share in the excitement of where their journey from marriage has taken them.

It’s like getting invited to the first chapter reading of a fabulous hit novel, as read by the author. Okay, that’s a little goofy, but we really do love it.

A couple of weeks ago, while they were home for Thanksgiving, we got together with MaryHelen & Kurt, one of our super sweet and ridiculously fun bello couples who said, “I do!” at the Hyannisport Golf Club a few years ago. To illustrate how fun these two are, their first dance song was Huey Lewis’s “The Power of Love.” I mean, come on! Too fun!

In August of last year, MaryHelen & Kurt welcomed a sweet little boy, named Leo, into their world of fun. We’d been following their progress on Facebook, and were so happy when MaryHelen’s mom, Helen, reached out to us to schedule a session  with Leo over the holidays.

We had done a session for Helen’s other adorable grandkids two summers ago (Click HERE for a peek.) and she wanted to add Leo’s sweet little face to her family wall of love. Her living room walls are covered with giant photos of the kids we’d taken. It’s a bit humbling walking in and seeing our work displayed in such a beautiful way. We’re so grateful that our work has such meaning to our families. {happy sigh}

The day we’d planned to get together was as one might expect at the end of November….COLD! But, we braved the chilly temps and headed out for some fun at a local park in Osterville. Here’s a peek at our time together…

Leo & Gammy enjoy a stroll..

MaryHelen and her sweet boo. Is he an angel or what?

Talk about a mini-me. Leo looks just like his proud papa. Love!

Our happy family….can we talk about the hat on little Leo and that beautiful stare? Mmmmmmm!

We were so happy when we learned that MaryHelen’s sister, Johanna, and her three sweet monkeys, Katherine, Thomas & Matthew, would be joining us. Family….it is everything! And we just adore these sweet, fun, playful, loving families! Yaaay for family!

Johanna and her sweet little man….love the sun flare coming through the wooden train Thomas was sitting in. And, that expression…delightful.

Matthew is the class clown of the family and we just LOVE his rambunctious, loving nature. Big kisses Matty….

Sweet, momma-lovin’ Katherine is growing into such a lovely young woman-to-be. Hey beautiful.

The whole gang…and a little warming up snuggle with Gammy.

Back at Helen’s, little Leo refueled with some Mmmmm good yogurt. Is there anything cuter than a little boo feeding him/herself? I think not!

Big thanks to you Helen for once again sharing your beautiful family with us! We loved getting to meet Leo and seeing his sweet and adoring cousins again. MH, Kurt & Johanna…as always, it was great reconnecting. Thank you all for braving the cold and coming out to play with us! We hope your Thanksgiving was full of love & joyful celebration and that these photos serve as happy reminders of your time together! Until next time, sending big love & hugs to you all (including those who couldn’t make it ~ Jim, Andrew, Lisa & Emmett), C&A xoxo

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Pat S. : Wow! What fantastic pictures. Somefevery precious photos of Leo and of course the S. kids too! Love them all!!
Helen C. : Christine & Andy, Thank you for capturing again my growing beautiful family. The only thing missing this time is Andrew, Lisa and Emmett… hopefully, next 'shoot! Love, Helen

With 11 years of photographing couples and their weddings under our belts, we’ve photographed LOTS of engagement sessions, but photographing an actual engagement, a real life, live proposal wasn’t something we’d ever had the pleasure of doing…until now.

Why haven’t we done this sooner? Talk about super crazy fun!!! We want more!!!

It all started a couple of months ago, when we received a super sweet email from Connecticut Jim. Jim wrote asking about our availability to document a surprise proposal the week before Thanksgiving. He and his girlfriend, Keri, were planning to come to Chatham for a little fall get away. But, what Keri didn’t know is that Jim was planning to ask her to marry him and he wanted the moment captured in photos. His email to us was so full of love & goodness; we were instantly smitten by Jim and his secret mission.

Jim explained that he & Keri were planning to arrive on the Cape on Friday, and his plan was to propose to Keri on Saturday, during a stroll on Lighthouse Beach, one of their favorite places to walk and take in all the beauty that is Cape Cod.

Although they are both Connecticut natives, and still live there now, the Cape holds a special place in their hearts as they both spent summers here as kids (before they knew each other) and continue to make memories here now as a couple.

“The Cape has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember and is even more special to me now, having shared my love of it with (Keri). We truly savor our precious few moments up there and I can’t imagine a more perfect place to pop the question!” Jim told us.

And, so it would be.

Jim & I spoke many times on the phone in the weeks leading up to the big day. His love for Keri and his excitement about documenting this special surprise came shining through in each conversation. Andy & I were already pretty stoked about getting front row seats to our first, “Yes!” but Jim’s enthusiasm was infectious and so we excitedly counted down the days like kids waiting for Christmas morning.

When the day finally arrived, it was as if the stars aligned to give Jim & Keri the PERFECT day for a proposal. It was the warmest November day I can remember. The sun was shining and the beach beckoned.

Andy & I set up a blanket and picnic basket, as if we were just there enjoying the day. We had a camera on a tripod, pretending to photograph the seals frolicking just off shore, while our other cameras were hidden until THE moment. We had texted with Jim in the morning about where we would be and what we were each wearing, so he’d know who we were as he walked past.

My heart began to beat a little faster as we noticed them walking down the beach toward us, hot ciders in hand. Although I only knew Jim from our phone chats, and from the photos he had sent us of he & Keri, I could see in his stride that he was nervous, and it made me fall for him even more.

We exchanged a casual greeting as they passed, and then, after a few more yards, Jim dropped to one knee. I wish someone had got a picture of the goofy smile on my face, because I was enthralled, caught up in the moment as if it were my own.

With my camera pressed to my face and shutter flying, I recorded this very special moment, feeling so grateful to have been invited to share it with them. Andy had walked further down the beach to grab the moment from a different angle. It was so special for us, having got engaged ourselves on our favorite beach in Falmouth.

After hugs & kisses and obvious signs that Jim got the answer he was hoping for, Andy & I moved in a bit closer. A few happy minutes passed, just the two of them soaking in what had just happened, then Jim, excited to share his secret with his now fiancé, introduced us. We led them back to our faux picnic spot and popped a bottle of bubbly we’d brought along to celebrate. And, Keri & Jim called their parents to share the happy news. It was as perfect as perfect gets.

Without further ado….here is the moment she said, “Yes!”

The joy was absolutely contagious….if Jim hadn’t been paying us to document it, I would have grabbed Andy & kissed him and said yes to my sweet mister all over again.

Checking out her new bling…

Listening to Jim & Keri share their happy news with their parents was as big of a treat as getting to see the proposal itself. They are truly blessed to have lots of love & support in their lives. Yaaay for that!

More phone calls and more bubbly….

After some happy tears, and still somewhat in shock that she was not only proposed to, but that there were two photographers there documenting it all, Keri wanted to take a moment to freshen up. So off into the warm November sun they headed…

Back for a little mini love session, I mean ENGAGEMENT SESSION….a real one. Think Jim is happy she said, “Yes!” Ummmmm…yup!

Sealed with a kiss…

Jim & Keri have this super cute thing they do where they just lean their heads into one another. It wasn’t anything we prompted, although we do sometimes ask couples to do this. It was just their thing, which made it so sweet and special. I especially love how their gripping each other’s hands. Yaaay for love!!!

There was a lot of kissing happening….

Snuggling and soaking in the moment….

And….a little more bubbly.

Love is….THIS!

The glow of the late day sun was as intoxicating as the surprise proposal itself. Jim, my friend…you done good!

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

Checking out her new ring and the sweet man who gave it to her….

The look of love….

Let the new chapter in their fairytale begin….

Jim, thank you sooooo much for inviting us to share this moment with you & Keri. You had us at “hello” with your email and each chat we had after that just made us even more excited to be a part of your sweet & very thoughtful surprise. Keri, we can totally see why Jim is so smitten with you and why he wanted to do this for you! You are wonderful and handled the proposal and us being there with such warmth & grace. You are lovely and it’s no wonder Jim wanted to do something extra special for you. Watching you two together, we just know that you’re in for a long & happy life together! Thank you both for letting us in and sharing your story with us in such a warm & wonderful way. Thanks too for being so much fun to photograph!!! We hope these images serve as happy reminders of your incredible engagement day for many happy years to come! And, here’s hoping you want us there with you in CT for the “I dos” too! (no pressure, but we’d love to see your amazing story through!) With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxo

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Lucinda Graham : Champagne and all!! Great pictures!!
Linda S : what great pictures!!! so happy for you both, you did one hec of a great surprise Jim. Luv u both!!!!
Jeannine B : Such beautiful and happy pictures! Thank you for capturing a very special moment in my daughter's life.

We had much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. We got to spend time with family & friends. We enjoyed good food and had time to relax. Amid all of that we also got to photograph a surprise proposal (more on that in our next post) and had a reunion with Matt & Katherine, a super sweet couple we first met back in 2007, when Matt’s brother Adam said, “I do” here on Cape Cod.

This time, Matt & Katherine had a new family member with them….sweet Claire, who was born in September in Hong Kong, where the family lives & works. They had a big trip back home to visit family and were all a bit jet lagged, but that didn’t stop us from having a lovely time together chatting, reconnecting and getting some pretty adorable photos of them with their sweet girl.

Here’s just a peek at our time together…

Matt’s mom had given them this AWESOME yellow vintage baby scale. I just loooooove it. Find a sunny spot, pop on a cozy throw and a happy naked baby and voila….baby perfection.

Hey beautiful…

Our little love bug was hungry when I first arrived, which is how I like it, because once babies eat they get the most gorgeous, crazy delicious full bellies, that just make me (& daddy) smile soooo big. And, can we talk about the sweet eyes on our beautiful girl? Too yummy!

Claire is such a sweet baby. She’s so content and happy…just taking it all in. I must say, if I flew half way around the world just a few days earlier, I’m not sure I would be quite so lovely to be around. Can we talk about the belly for a second?

Chatting with her gorgeous momma. Just loved listening to Claire coo as she conversed with Katherine. Love moments like these too much!

Closed eyes and sweet kisses….Mmmmmm good!

We tuckered her out pretty quick, so Claire took a little catnap in her momma’s loving arms, which gave me time to focus on the love & her sweet toes…

The face of an angel!

Happy again after her wee rest, it was time to get naked again….I mean, come on! The cuteness is off the charts!

Playing with Daddy! Apparently, Claire is happiest on her changing table….yaaay for happy babies!

Taking a little break while mommy & daddy had their photo taken. And, more changing table play time, this time with mommy. Oh, how this girl loves her mommy!

A quite moment, just the girls….swoooooon!

Our happy little family….love these guys! I could have hung out all day with them, chatting and photographing their sweet girl. Such fun! I think we have a Holiday Card keeper….

I LOOVE photographing mommies & daddies skin on skin with their new babes. There is something so very pure and beautiful in this sweetest touch…Claire seemed to like it too. These next two are among my faves….

Claire put up with a lot from me…even as we finished up, I didn’t want to go. But, our sweet girl needed some down time, so we bid adieu with this final shot of a most lovely family…

Matt & Katherine, thank you so very much for opening your home & hearts to me and sharing yourselves and your sweet girl in such a beautiful…and super fun way! I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and you’re all on a decent sleep schedule again. :) I loved our time together and hope we can do it again on your next trip back home! Special thanks & much love to Kaitlin & Adam for connecting us. Here’s hoping we can do a big entire family  photo one of these days! Till then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of your first months with Claire! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo

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Lucinda Graham : Your baby is darling! What fantastic photos. Treasure them, as, as much as you want them to stay young, they do grow!!! Enjoy each chapter in your little Claire's life. Cindy
Jan Ratliff : What a gorgeous baby. Se has such personality for a child so young. Cherish these days. They go by in an instant. Love, Aunt Jan