Sarah & Keith Chatham Bars Inn Rehearsal Dinner ~ Cape Cod Wedding Photographers


Sarah & Keith’s wedding rehearsal dinner at the oceanside Chatham Bars Inn was the kind of family-centered celebration that vividly reminds Andy & me why we love what we do.

There were so many smiles, big heartfelt hugs, and genuine expressions of love that we left the evening asking Sarah & Keith’s parents if they were open to adopting two grown adults. Seriously though…these two know how to love and have surrounded themselves with people equally adept at loving BIG.

I’ll admit, we didn’t really know what to expect from the wedding weekend because we’d only met Sarah & Keith briefly last fall and hadn’t had the opportunity to really get to know them before the big day. But, man….did we make up for that lost time and have fun with these sweet peeps.

Getting to hear all of the wonderful things their family & friends had to say about them during the rehearsal dinner had us feeling not only completely smitten by these two kind, thoughtful, sweet, caring, lovely people, but also like we’d known them and their families forever.

Here’s a look at some of that love & celebration….

01 chatham bars inn wedding

They are as cute together as they are really good together.
02 chatham bars inn wedding

Nothing like an elegant classic surf & turf dinner to kick off their Cape Cod wedding weekend.

03 chatham bars inn wedding

Friends gather in happy celebration of Sarah & Keith with some pre-party cocktails at CBI’s outdoor bar….so much good mojo.

04 chatham bars inn wedding

Two of Keith’s super sweet groomsmen, Jimmy & Matt…Matt was also the officiant for the ceremony the following day (a sneak peek on that to follow shortly)….and  he did an AMAZING job!


I love this candid moment where Keith & Sarah share some hugs and love with Sarah’s crazy sweet parents, Teresa & Bruce. Just the kindest most genuine people! Love them!


One of Sarah’s gorgeous gal pals/bridesmaids, Nicole, enjoys a giggle with Sarah’s family.


A perfect late summer evening and pink-kissed sky…


Jimmy enjoying his lobster….LOL!


The evening was full of wonderful toasts to Sarah & Keith…kicked off by Keith’s wonderful parents, Pam & Steve.


There were as many hugs as there were warm, love-filled words for these two.


Lots of laughter too…


Sarah & Keith…thank you so very much for letting us be a part of your incredible wedding weekend!! We loved meeting your incredible family & friends and are so happy for you and all the love you both share…with each other and all the wonderful people in your life. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek and look forward to sharing more love & goodness from your wedding very soon! Big hugs, Christine & Andy xo

Michelle & Marvin’s Cape Cod Elopement ~ Yarmouth Port Photographers


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a wedding as a ceremony at which two people are married to each other; an act, process, or instance of joining in close association. I love that notion of closeness. And, Michelle & Marvin epitomize that.

We met Michelle & Marvin a few weeks ago, when they travelled to Cape Cod from Georgia & South Caroline respectively to pledge their hearts and lives to one another in an intimate elopement at the picturesque Inn on Cape Cod in downtown Yarmouth Port.

Marvin had first reached out to us a few weeks prior and there was something in his warm voice that told me his wedding would be special, and that bearing witness to it would be an honor & a privilege we shouldn’t miss. Happily, he & Michelle decided they wanted us there with them, documenting their beautiful love and boy, are we glad they did.

Michelle was dressed in a beautiful lacy mauve dress and Marvin in a super sharp grey suit with matching mauve bow tie. Their faces were beaming with love & excitement when they saw each other before they took their vows….

first look

So much happiness and such beautiful smiles that seemed to shine through the beauty that lies within.


Mike & Helen Cassels, owners & hosts at The Inn on Cape Cod, were kind enough to let Michelle & Marvin, who were staying at the inn, get married on the porch of the grand estate. The stunning Inn was built in 1820 as a private home for Boston businessman, Joshua Sears, a direct descendant of Richard Sears, a pilgrim, who came to the US on the “Leyden” in 1630. It has a sort of southern charm to it that seemed a befitting setting for these southern sweethearts to say, “I do!”

And with a kiss….two lives merge and a new family is born.

yarmouth wedding elopement

Their faces after they were announced Mr. & Mrs…..just delightful!!! And, such a warm embrace….LOVE!

the inn on cape cod wedding

Host Helen and some adorable guests visiting from China who were also staying at the Inn joined us as happy witnesses to the sweet nuptials.


After the formalities, we took our newlyweds off for some photos and some alone time to absorb the commitment they just made to one another. So much love & sweetness between these two lovely people…

the inn on cape cod wedding

And such beautiful smiles that speak of the joy they share for life and for enjoying each other.


What says late summer better than sitting on a porch swing with your sweetie? Just love these next few moments with these two lovely people..

cape cod porch wedding

Happy, Happy…

couple snuggling on a porch swing

And more happy!!!!


Michelle was absolutely beaming…and Marvin, so totally smitten.

cape cod elopement

Marvin asked if he could pick Michelle up for a photo….ummmm, Yes!! So much fun…and so stinkin’ cute!


Not only are these two incredibly sweet, gentle, kind-hearted, warm people, they also carry themselves with such an elegant grace that made this photographer giddy!!! I could seriously have photographed these two all day long!!!

cape cod elopement

Kisses for his new Mrs…..

With a rich history, the Inn is peppered with some really old trees, and we just couldn’t resist the backdrop this 300-year old eastern cottonwood provided our two sweethearts.

inn on cape cod wedding

Love these two and the way they are with each other…just so much sweetness!


Heading off into the setting sun….as every good love story should begin!!


Michelle & Marvin, thank you so very much for inviting us to share in such a special and intimate time in your lives. You had us at, “Hello!” and our warm feelings toward you both only grew upon meeting you and being there with you to watch as you wed one another. Our hope is that these photos serve as joyful reminders of your beautiful wedding for many happy years to come. We hope too that you might share them with family & friends so they can feel like they were there, and see, as we did, just how happy you two are together and what a perfect match you make!  Thank you so much for opening your hearts to us and sharing your beautiful relationship with us in such a warm and welcoming way. Should you ever make your way back to our sandy shores, we hope you let us know so we can see your beautiful faces again! Big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xx

Woodneck Beach Family Session ~ Falmouth Portrait Photographers


Family….it’s something that’s super important to both Andy & me. Some of our favorite moments in life have been time spent with our families, especially since the addition of our nieces and nephews. We don’t have to be doing anything particularly exciting, it’s just in the being together where joy can be found.

I often think of my love of family when we get together with our special Bello families to document them together, chronicling the passage of time, the added inches, new milestones reached and teeth lost. It really is so cool that the work we do means getting to spend quality time with families and capturing for them what we hope will become treasured heirlooms, to be enjoyed by future generations.

Last month, we got together with a family who’s been in our lives for over ten years. The relationship first began with Dan & Michelle, when we photographed them at Woodneck Beach in Falmouth for their engagement session. The following year, we photographed their Boston wedding. And, nearly every year since we photographed their family, back at the beach where it all began. First there was just sweet Mackenzie, then her sister Cammie joined the party and since then Michelle & Dad added two crazy cute boys, Will & most recently Gavin.

Some years Michelle & Dan came on their own. Some years they came with Michelle’s side of the family, and other years it was with Dan’s side. We also photographed the wedding of Michelle’s sister, Holly, last summer here on the Cape.

It really does feel like we become part of the family with families like this…you know that Aunt & Uncle twice removed who you see once a year on the holidays and might or might not remember their names. But, still…it’s nice to watch the love grow & multiply for people we’ve grown to care a great deal about. It’s also pretty cool to know that when the kids are grown and have kids of their own, they’ll look back on the photos we’ve captured for them and remember fondly those silly summer afternoons spent on the beach…together with family.

Here are a few of our favorite moments with these sweet peeps….Mackie & Cammie hamming it up for the camera, while Will enjoys a ride on his daddy’s shoulders.
family beach photos

Gavin gets some snuggles from his beautiful momma, while Dan tries to wrangle his brood for a group photo. I swear these in between moments are where the good stuff really lives for us photographers.
family beach photos

Are they stinking cute or what? Love this wonderful wee family!


Michelle’s sweet brother & sister-in-law, Johnny & Jolaine, with their wee peanuts, Kinsley & Baby John. Such sweet moments for these parents an their kiddos…

family beach photos

OUr newlyweds, Holly & Paul. Such a perfect pair!


Sibling love and playing at the beach….doesn’t get much better than this!

siblings hugging

Where the love all began….with these two sweet peeps, Papa John and Momma Susan. Still going strong and having fun all these many years later.

couple at beach

The ladies…..Can we talk about little Kinsley for a second? She was not really digging having her photo taken for most of the session, but was just loving this particular moment….Hysterical!


The lads…..

Gramps & Grams and all their wee ones, with the most spectacular sunset we’ve seen in a while…

grandparents and grandkids

These girls….I could munch their little yummy faces off. Love them!

beach susnset

Just because….SISTERS….be still my heart.


Paul & Holly…


TAAAA DAAAAAA!!! Sans two toddlers….Johnny & Jolaine. I love the suggestion of movement by the clouds….wispy and wonderful.


Thank you Michelle & Dan, Susan & John, Holly & Paul, Johnny & Jolaine and all your fabulous kiddos for such a fun evening catching up and see the progress a year has made on your wonderful families. Thank you so much for allowing us to keep recording this wonderful moments in your family’s life and for welcoming us back year after year with such genuine warmth and affection. We adore you all and hope these photos serve as happy reminders for many happy years to come!

With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo