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Candice : WOW!!!!! Oooooooh and aaaaaaaah!!!! LOVE the new look!!!!!!! SO stunning! Fresh and happy! Just like you guys!! xxx
Amy Dunkin Donnelly : Love the new site and branding--so elegant and chic-- like both of you!It really showcases your fabulous work! Congratulations! xoxo Amy & Terence
Mattion Grazier : Love it! Love you two! Miss ya tons!
Ronnie : I love how you guys always capture the elegance, depth & crispness in what you do.
Francie : hey, love your new site! Most professional photographing! Congratulations!

Sheri & Steve’s morning wedding at the Wequassett Resort in Harwich a few weeks ago was dreamy. Not only were Sheri & Steve over-the-moon happy, the kind of happy that makes anyone in the near vicinity feel giddy by association, like their family & friends, who were clearly enjoying themselves and relishing Sheri & Steve’s happiness, but theirs was the kind of wedding that was a total blast to photograph.

Although most of our weddings are generally evening soirees, Andy & I have become BIG fans of day weddings….especially if it’s an overcast day (I know brides don’t want to hear this, but truly…overcast days are THE best for photographing with natural light!)

And, with a day wedding, there’s a casualness that is at once relaxing, intimate and fun in a chilled out, easy way. Plus, when you’re fortunate enough to have a view like Wequassett it’s so nice to get to enjoy it for the entire party.

The day started off cloudy, and it seemed it might rain, but instead….as if the love Gods were shining down on these two smitten souls, we got the most perfect overcast skies that just illuminated everything and made getting great photos a breeze! Haaaaaallelujah…Hallelujah, Hallelujah, H.A.L.L.E.L.U.J.A.H!!

Although weather certainly helps when it comes to providing a good backdrop for a fun party, we like to think it’s the couples themselves who really set the tone for the day and Sheri & Steve had the party happy meter set to super high.

Sheri, who is one of the sweetest, most caring, kind, lovely people was absolutely radiating joy all day, and that shone through in the most beautiful way….and it was made even more special knowing that she & Steve found each other later in life.

“Even when I felt discouraged being single and felt alone, I always knew that I would find my best friend and life partner one day,” Sheri told us. “Even though we say we wished we met earlier in our lives, in my heart I know we met at a the time that was intended for us to meet. I am right where I’m supposed to be, with my Mr. Right.”

Honestly, these two are so freaking cute together….and photographing them and their amazing, overflowing-with-love wedding was fun, inspiring, an absolute honor and privilege all rolled into one. We photographed a lot more than we typically do for a day wedding, but I think that’s because Sheri & Steve gave us a lot of time for photos and there were just so many amazing moments our shutters were flapping on overdrive.

Here’s just a sneak peek of some of our favorite moments from their wonderful wedding…

Sheri’s stunning Casablanca wedding gown, super cute Badgley Mischka shoes and bling-a-licious wedding day jewelery.

Love how Sheri’s perfume had a ribbon that matched their invites perfectly. PS…I’m obsessed with Sheri’s engagement ring setting & wedding band. You go Steve!

Beautiful, lovely Sheri in all her bridal perfection…

A few final adjustments…..and, we’re off.

Heading out to see her Mr. Right…

Sheri’s parents are crazy sweet, and here, her mom, Mickey, comforts her dad, Errol, who got a bit emotional at the sight of his baby girl ready to marry her best friend. I love watching parents in these moments, knowing that as a parent all you ever want for you kids is for them to be happy. And, on this special day, that’s exactly what Micky & Errol got. Yaaaay for love and lots of happy!!!

Earlier in the morning, Errol was hanging out the groomsmen, including Trevor, Sheri’s neice and Errol’s grandson, who was checking out his grandpa’s Vineyard Vine tie. Love this candid moment and the crazy awesome light.

Sweet Steve showing off and then putting on his crab themed Vineyard Vine tie.

Trevor and his dad, Jeffrey (Sheri’s brother), put on their ties…love this moment shared between father & son.

Can we talk about Steve’s face, filled with excited anticipation, as Sheri makes her way to him for their first look? LOOOVE!!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I first saw these images captured by Andy as Steve reacts at seeing Sheri for the first time. This is how every woman wants the person she’s about to marry to react upon seeing her for the first time…especially if these reactions are followed by happy tears. Just love this soooooo much!!

And so did Sheri!!!!

Happiness is THIS….

These two are so crazy cute together, they make my heart purr!

Sweet kisses + true love + a perfect setting = Time to say, “I do!”

Lovers who laugh together stay together…

Sheri wore this beautiful smile, full of love & gratitude all day long!! She truly was a vision! And, her sweet gal pals were so wonderful and attentive. Andy & I had so much fun with this fabulous group of people!!

Hey girls…looking gorg in your Jenny Yoo coral dresses and crazy beautiful flowers by Courtney Dunbury of Courtney’s Floral Creations.

Sheri & her beautiful momma, Mickey.

A toast….to the bride. Cheers!

Trevor hands out programs, while guests take in the view and enjoy a cold glass of lemonade. The wedding was on one of the hottest days in September.

More happy as guests wait for the ceremony to begin…

And off go the girls….

Here comes the bride…..think she’s happy? Ummmmm, yup!

Love this moment as Sheri’s dad gives Steve a big hug. So freaking cute!

I’m thinking maybe Errol didn’t want to let his baby girl go….

The look of love….

Taking it all in…

Sheri’s cousin, Danny, performed a beautiful version of Rascal Flatts Bless the Broken Road, which was sweetly moving and had Sheri happily singing along and snuggling in with her man. It was so fun to watch.

Sing it….

And with that, two hearts commit themselves to one another….

Woooo hoooo….

Sealed with a kiss….and a tender touch. Swoon!

Our happy couple….

Every long lost dream led me to where you are…..

This much I know is true…..that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.

They way they look at each other is so full of love & goodness….just love it! And, I also love the way Sheri’s hair came out, thanks to Leann Szestakow of 129 on Main Salon in CT.

Beautiful inside & out!

Canopied kisses….

Taaaaa daaaaaa….I mean seriously, is she a vision or what?

Love the color scheme….

The new Mr. & Mrs. welcomed in to the Pavilion for their first dance.

I’m crazy about this next first dance stolen moment…..it’s just soooo them!!!

This was the first time we’d seen a reception in Wequassett’s new Pavilion and it was fabulous, especially for a day wedding, when guests happily mingled inside and out for the reception. Hi guys!

Enjoying the last bit of summer on Cape Cod…

Dancing with her proud papa!

Guests boogie on down for the hora….

Up, up and away she goes!

Steve’s turn…

The desserts were off the hook….not that we tried any, but the artistry was phenomenal. They also had an ice cream bar and cake by Montilios.

Having fun with friends….

Sneaking away for a few more pics on the back porch…one of my favorite spots at Wequassett.

Cheek to cheek and heart to heart……precious.

Giggles & drinks and what a view, oh my.

At the prompting of the DJ, Steve sang along to Frankie Valle’s “Sherry Baby,” serenading his sweet Sheri, much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Especially Errol…..love this!

Sheri & Steve, thank you so very much for entrusting us with documenting such a special day in your lives. We absolutely LOVED being a part of your wedding, getting to meet your family and friends and seeing you two begin this next happy chapter of your lives together. You two are prefect together and we hope these photos are the perfect reflection of your perfect day!! Can’t wait to share the rest with you very soon! Until then, big love & thanks, Chris & Andy xoxo

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aunty eud&unclehar : the most beautiful day the most beautiful bride the most beautiful pictures which as beautiful as the px. are still couldn't be as beautiful as the day but they couldn't come any closer..loved the comments and the px.
Christine : Love this post! The first look is amazing!! One of the best I've ever seen. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Lauren & Sean met while playing basketball in college, and their friendship and affection for one another quickly led to a relationship that is a slam dunk! Seriously….these two are perfect for each other and their wedding, held a few weeks ago at the beautiful Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee, here on Cape Cod, was the perfect mix of romance and serious fun!

We live just down the road from Willowbend and LOOOVE it here. We hadn’t been back to photograph a wedding in a few years, but were quickly reminded why we love working here…just so many awesome spots for photos! And, I must admit, after nearly 12 hours on our feet it was a huge bonus to be home in less than 10 minutes.

We first met Lauren & Sean last winter, and instantly hit it off with them. They are super sweet, very private people who keep their inner circle tight. And, if you’re lucky enough to be in that circle you are showered with a warm love that is beautiful to behold.

Getting to bear witness as they pledged their lives & hearts to one another was truly an honor and a privilege! Their ceremony was led by Lauren’s very sweet Uncle Ted, who did a FABULOUS job making it personal, sweet, and full of heart all wrapped in one. Watching Lauren & Sean stare into each other’s eyes with such devotion and love, while parents, family & friends looked on with big smiles & happy tears was so beautiful and reinforced how much I LOVE weddings! When the love is so big you can see it, it’s hard to not get swept up in it. And, we certainly did that with Lauren & Sean.

Here’s a look at some of the special moments of love & celebration that peppered their picture perfect Cape Cod wedding day…

Lauren’s lovely momma, Pam, helps her baby girl get into her gorgeous wedding gown, while her bestie Kellie helps out.

Sean helps Lauren’s brother, Peter, with his Cape Cod cufflinks…

Lauren puts on her earrings and then heads down the stairs, ready to see her sweet mister for their first look. Isn’t she so beautiful…..and so totally elegant?!

Love this cool photo Andy captured of Sean while he & his besties were getting ready at Willowbend. Such a cool perspective!

Lauren and her gal pals!! Such fun girls!!!! I loved spending the morning with them!

Sean and his handsome fellas, including his brother, Ryan (second from right).

The girls enjoy a little bubbly on the way to Willowbend. Such beautiful, happy, lovely ladies!

Lauren’s dad, Milt, is a TOTAL softie….love him! And I just love this sweet moment of him trying to hold it together as his baby girl gets ready to go see her soon-to-be hubby for their first look moment. LOOOOOVE!!!

Think Sean is excited about this??? Ummmm…yup!

Checking out his soon-to-be wife’s gorgeous gown! Love the way these two look at each other!!!

You + Me = FOREVER

A Willowbend wedding wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the barn. Love this perspective….it doesn’t get more Americana than this!

Hi cuties….

Lauren & Sean’s families are as sweet as they are….and when we asked our couple to kiss during the family photos….seems their folks wanted in on that action too! This next one highlights Sean’s super sweet mom & dad, Stephanie & Tom. Something tells me this scene might be replayed in several years when Sean & Lauren gather for their children’s wedding. So sweet!!!

Beautiful Lauren!!! And, her beautiful bouquet by the uber talented Courtney Dunbury of Courtney’s Floral Creations.

Some family members take a quick selfie before the ceremony begins….so cute!

Here comes the bride…..

LOOOVE Sean’s expression as he watched Lauren & her dad make their way to him…..this is what love looks like!

And so is this….

We are gathered here….

I have an odd obsession with grandfathers. My own Grandpa, who sadly passed away a few years ago at the ripe ole’ age of 101…just a couple months shy of his 102 birthday, was one of my favorite people in the world. I miss him every day and love the happy reminders of him when I see moments like this as Lauren’s beautiful grandfather & grandmother watch on during a particular tender part of their ceremony. PS…Lauren’s dad was welling up too…..be still my heart!

Another family member shares a beautiful reading during the ceremony as Lauren & Sean look on…

In your eyes, I see a world of possibilities….and in your hands I know my heart is safe! {SWOON}

With this ring….I thee wed.

And with a kiss…it’s official!!! Meet the new Mr. & Mrs….. woooo hooo!!

You think they’re happy to be married?

I think it’s safe to say….YUP!

Family & friends enjoying cocktail hour…and the view!

Love these candid moments where folks don’t know where there and we just capture real, happy moments.

Diggin’ in to some Cape Cod culinary delights. And, I’m digging that super cute hat!

Understated elegance courtesy with flowers by Courtney’s Floral Creations…lovely!

And a super sweet cake by Monilio’s Bakery.

These ADORABLE place cards were made by Lauren. She’s started a new company, Jackson Whales that sells hand-crafted, decorate whales made out of exotic wood. They’re super cool and were a big hit with guests!

Their first dance was as adorable as they are….

Reacting to toasts/speeches by their besties….

A dance with Grandpa…be still my grandpa-lovin’ heart!!! Is he freaking adorable or what??

Friends bust a move with Lauren’s dad.

More fun on the dance floor…

You go with your sexy self…

OBSESSED!!! I want this to be me & Andy so bad it hurts!!!

Sean’s Nana, brother and some other family members getting their goofy on in the photobooth. LOVE this!!!!

Our talented bride also made these super cute chocolate ball favors for their guests…so Cape Cod chic!

I LOVE this next photo so much because I wish I had one just like it from my own wedding. Me & my dad also got a little crazy at my & Andy’s wedding when Shout came on. Like Lauren & her Dad, we were also on our backs. I’ll never forget my dad turning to me during the song and saying, “Chrissy, you make me crazy!” This one is for all the Daddy’s girls out there who learned how to love a good man by THE best example!!!

As if carving wooden whales, making favors and throwing down a mean jump shot with the best of them wasn’t talented enough, Lauren WOWED everyone with a little Donna Summer duet with Dwight, lead singer of The Marsels. They sang Last Dance, which was completely unrehearsed and off the charts AHHH-MAZING!!! Lauren is a private, seemingly quite person, but she was all star on that stage singing her precious little heart out and I loved every second of it!!! As you can tell…so did Dwight!!!

Lauren & Sean, thank you both so very much for entrusting us with such an intimate, private, incredibly special time in your lives. Your wedding truly was amazing and we loved being there to witness all of the love & celebration!!! We hope you both enjoy this little sneak peek and can’t wait to share the entire collection of photos with you, so you can relive your fabulous day, this time through our eyes!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU…for everything!!! With big love & hugs, Christine & Andy xoxo


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I’ll never forget Amy & Todd’s wedding. It was early October 2005, our third year shooting weddings, and we were still pretty green. It was one of those freakishly hot days…so hot that I could feel the sweat dripping down my back while crouched in the front of the church, searching for the best angle, while staying as unobtrusive as possible.

But, it wasn’t the heat, or the early nerves that made Amy & Todd’s wedding so memorable.  It’s how happy they were, how much fun they were having on the dance floor with their friends, who, by the way, were amazing and so warm & welcoming to us! I’ll never forget the look on Todd’s mom’s face just before the ceremony or the way Amy’s dad held her tight during their special dance. I’ll never forget staring that kind of love in the face and knowing it would last.

It was in all ways….a perfect day!

Right from our first meeting with Amy  & Todd, we knew we wanted to be in their lives long after their “I dos!” had been said. Happily, the friendship we felt when we first met these two smart, funny, creative,  kind, super cool people has, like their marriage….stood the test of time. We’ve seen them a few times over the years, meeting their crazy cute little boos, Max, Shea & the newest addition…Griffin.

Sadly, like with all of our friends, we don’t get together as often as we’d like. During the summer, when most people have a little extra free time for family & friends, we are at our busiest. But, we finally got together for dinner a couple of months ago and nailed down a date to get these two sweeties and their mini-mes in front of our cameras for a little bello family time.

We met up at one of our favorite spots in Falmouth and had a blast! Perhaps too much fun! It’s so rare we get to see the kids, all we…and they…wanted to do was play. But, we were able to hold them down for a couple of quick seconds…just enough time to snap some fun pics of this lovely family thoroughly enjoying each other!

Say hello to one of our very special families….Todd, Amy, Max, Shea & Griffin. Are they cute or what???

They all have these crazy beautiful blue/greenish eyes that you can easily get lost in. Max is a happy, adventurous, wild little boo who loves Pokemon and could have spent the entire session comparing collections with my big man-child. And, Shea is as smart, fearless and kind-hearted as she is so obviously beautiful. I love this photo of her…she looks like some wild jungle princess.

Oh these eyes……sweet baby Griffin hasn’t known us for as long as his big brother and sister, so wasn’t quite sure what to make of me sticking my big camera in his face…thus the expression. But, he still seemed to be enjoying himself, right along with his siblings.

Of course, nothing beats snuggling with momma!! Love the very natural moment on the left…Shea & Max would have kept climbing these rocks all day if we’d let them.

Because my husband is a big man-child himself, he really has a special way of connecting with kids that makes me fall deeper in love with him every time I witness it. Look at the expression he’s getting from Griff and his beautiful momma!! Just delightful!!!

As a fellow Daddy’s girl, I can totally relate to what sweet snuggly Shea is feeling in this moment and it makes my heart SWOON big!!

Love the dichotomy of these two moments…Griff running wild, and Max just chillin, looking ever the impish little boo that he is.

Mommas and their baby girls….a love like no other!! Be still my momma lovin’ heart!

Max no doubt talking about Pokemon…thus the big toothless grin. And, Griff not minding one little bit being sat on by his big idol of a brother! That wave….can we talk about that for a second??? Seriously?!!

Amy and her babes having a little chat…I think they were also playing patty-cake, but I’m not entirely sure. Either way, I just love the perspective and those EYES!!!

Lovely Shea….enjoying the little one-on-one focused attention from her new friends. Be still my heart!

Love is feeling the sand between your toes and knowing how very much you are loved! This is L.O.V.E.

And so is this!!! My sister has a little boy about the same age as Max and I know how precious these moments are for my sister…for before too long, sweet Max will feel too big to snuggle and smooch his momma. Sniff, sniff.

Max was pretty much done with us at this point…thus the grumpy face. But, I also think he was enjoying making us work for it…and making Andy jump around like a crazy person to get a laugh. As I’ve said before….we’ll do anything for a great photo!!

And, with a cheeky tilt of the head and some more big smiles….it’s a wrap!

Amy & Todd….thank you so much for your continued friendship, for sharing your sweet boos with us, for your patience when we drop off the radar for months…and sometimes years at a time. We love you guys and love spending time with you both and your really AMAZING children!! It’s no wonder they are as cool as they are….they’ve got you guys guiding their way. Thank you for trusting us so many years ago, and putting your trust in us once again! Hope to see you all again real soon!! Until then, we hope these photos serve as happy reminders of this fleeting time in life…big love & hugs to the whole gang!!! C&A xoxoxo


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Amy : AMAZING! Thank you so much - we knew they would be worth the wait, and they so are!!!! Love. Thank you. xo
Karen S. : I have to tell you how amazing your work is. I was so impressed with the wedding photos in 2005 this surpasses all I could imagine. This is my daughter, her husband and my grandchildren. You have caught the essence of their life. It has brought Dan and I to tears of joy, we cannot stop smiling. You have an amazing gift and we will cherish it forever.
Maureen D. : Great photography - one picture is better than the one before. I do know you had great subjects but still you guys really captured Todd,Amy and the children in all their glory. Beautiful work.

Jacqueline & Mitty are like peanut butter & chocolate…alone they’re pretty awesome, but together…..well, it’s a winning combination that’s hard to beat! We first met these two lovebirds earlier this summer, when we got together for their bello love session.

It’s not often that we first meet our couples just minutes before photographing them and still hit it off right away, but that’s exactly how it was with these two. They’re just super cool people…fun, warm, funny, and absolutely beautiful, both inside & out.

I knew even before meeting them that we were going to like these two. Before our love sessions, we give our couples a little survey with questions that let us get to know them a bit better. Andy & I provide our own answers too, to help couples feel a little less intimidated to share personal info with us. Jac & Mitty sent back their survey…all 4 pages of it…and it was like Christmas morning. Not only did we get a real inside look into who they are, and what they love about each other, but with every single, thoughtful word they were welcoming us in to their world with open arms & open hearts. And, that is gold to us.

More often than not, our couples send back surveys with one line answers…and we get it…we’re all busy and who has time for something so seemingly trivial. But, Jac & Mitty’s answers were so much fun to read. Jac’s replies were particularly verbose….which I suppose I could relate to, as anyone who’s ever got an email from me can attest…I’m never at a shortage of things to say. But, they weren’t just chatty responses, they were seriously heart-felt. And, in their words it was easy to see how much these two love & care for each other.

Their wedding a few weeks ago, in the backyard of Jac’s grandfather’s ocean front Falmouth home, was the perfect testament to just how BIG these two love …and not just each other, but their families & friends and life in general. It was such an honor to bear witness to that kind of love & celebration. It was the kind of wedding you never want to end (Well, the kind of wedding you’d never want to end if you could put down your 20 pound cameras and join everyone breaking it down on the dance floor, which we were seriously tempted to do.)

I could keep going on about how much we adore these two, but I know most folks come here to see photos…so, I’ll just let the photos do the talking. We hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into the love & celebration that was Jac & Mitty’s wedding day!

Beautiful Jac…with eyes as blue as the ocean…love this girl and her Sex in the city hairstyle by the talented team from Artworx Hair Design. Make up by Dani Wagener.

Ga ga gorgeous!!! Jac is a vision in her Ramona Keveza wedding gown. Just beautiful! And, to think, all she said to us when we first met was how awkward she is in front of the camera and how she can never take a good photo….yeah, whatever!

Mitty and the guys were getting ready at the Sea Crest Resort just down the road. The guys all wore these handsome bluish/grey suits by Isaia, and super cool plaid ties .

Our handsome groom, getting ready for his soon-to-be Mrs.

Last minute gloss touch ups…and away we go….

Happy looks like this…

Jac & Mitty had their first look on Jac’s grandfather’s front lawn. The property and tent just looked so beautiful thanks to the talented team at Sperry Tents, the super sweet and uber stylish Jen Chagnon at The Pink Polka Dot, and the lovely Courtney Dunbury of Courtney’s Floral Creations. We are huuuge fans of Courtney’s and this wedding was some of her best work ever. Just so beautiful and so totally Jac’s style. Awesome job Court!!

Look at that beautiful face light up at the site of her sweet mister….swooon!

Joy is this….

These two were absolutely glowing….yaaay for love!

Jac’s grandpa’s dog is a sweet old fella, who was doing his part on the wedding day to help keep Jac calm and centered….and look pretty adorable doing it.

Jac & her girls….including her super sweet sister Christina (on Jac’s right)

Jac & Mitty could not have asked for a more perfect day to say, “I do!”

Side by side, now and forever!

Sweet kisses….

Mitty & his besties, including his brothers, Chris & Chase (far right) before the ceremony starts at St. Barnabas in Falmouth.

Love this unscripted moment as Jac arrived via the side door, with her handsome dad, Dennis, and her soon-to-be nephews/ring bearers, Harrison & Alex.

If every day could feel like this, life would be soooo good!

Love the way Mitty gently touched Jac’s arm as she made her way to him….sometimes so much can be said in a simple touch.

Or in a look…..

We did it!!! Woooooo hooooo! Look at their faces….can you stand it?? So much happiness!!

Jac gets a love-filled hug from a friend just outside the church.

I LOOOOVE this photo of Jac, it’s almost as if she can’t believe how happy she is in this moment. Meanwhile, her super sweet parents, Dennis & Elissa, make their way out of the church.

See what I mean about Courtney’s flowers???? Just stunning! And, that floating ball of flowers in the middle of the tent must have been about 4 feet wide! Love the linens too!

A little pink sparkle and a ruffled cake by the talented staff at The Casual Gourmet. As always, Olive and her staff made sure everything ran with machine like precision, while guests enjoyed the delicious food!

The new Mr. & Mrs…..

A fun perspective on their first dance.

Jac played lacrosse in college and here some of her former teammates shower their gal pal with love & kisses.

Mitty & Jac steal a kiss during the toasts.

Love Mitty’s expression as he listens to Christina talk about her new big brother. Just lovely!

This little star lit walkway….it provided the perfect backdrop for a little late night break from the party for our happy couple.

Sealed with a kiss…..

Honestly, there were just too many great moments to fit in this post…I could have kept sharing, but we’re already a bit late getting this online, so we had to stop somewhere. We hope you, Jac & Mitty, enjoy this little peek. More to come very soon…we promise! We cannot wait to share the entire collection with you…so many wonderful love-filled moments jammed into one day! Until then, thank you both sooooo very much for including us in your amazing wedding! We love you guys and loved being a part of this special time in your lives. You, your family & friends all made us feel so welcomed, and you two shared yourselves so selflessly. We appreciate it so much and cannot wait to see where this journey of love takes you both next!! With big love & hugs, Chris & Andy xoxoxo

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Jac A. : oh wow. sigh. exquisite. thank you both infinitely. BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD.
Olive : Perfection!!!!

We are a bit behind at the moment with our editing….August & September were crazy busy for us, so I’m going to keep this brief and just let the photos from Jacqueline & Mitty’s super fun August 22, rehearsal dinner do all the talking.

The party took place at the swanky Golf Club of Cape Cod in Falmouth, where Jac & Mitty spend a fair bit of time when they come visit Jac’s grandfather here on the Cape. The wedding reception, which took place the next day, was held in the backyard of Jac’s grandfather home….and boy was it a party of epic proportions…more photos from that coming soon. For now, enjoy some of the special details and love-filled moments from this wonderful couple’s rehearsal dinner.

Love the monogrammed golf ball  and M&M favors for guests….thought they’d make a great prop to show off Jac & Mitty’s wedding hardware. Love the fall flavors of the party too…with the sunflowers and bronze planters.

Hearts & candles and lots of love for Mitty & Jac!

Our happy….and dare I say drop dead gorgeous….couple, Jacqueline & Mitty. Love these two….and love Jac’s killer dress!

Friends & family enjoying a drink, some good conversation and the beautiful view of the course.

Jac & Mitty greeting their guests….love that smile!

Mitty’s super sweet Dad, Chris, gave a funny and heart-felt toast to his son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

Taking in all the words of love & praise…and playful joking about these two special people.

Mitty’s older brother Chris was teasing his baby brother, which Mitty took in stride. Love Jac’s reaction!!

Friends & family enjoy the speech as well, including Mitty’s other brother Chase (far right) and fellow groomsmen Lars. Such sweet guys!

Big hugs….

And happy cheers….

Thank you Jac & Mitty for inviting us to share in this wonderful weekend of love. It has felt like an old friendship with you both since our first meeting and we are so grateful to have been able to share such a special time in your lives with you both, and with your wonderful families & friends!! We look forward to sharing more fun times with you both in the future!! For now, we hope you enjoy this little sneak peek! Cannot wait to share more photos from the BIG day…coming soon! Love you two! Chris & Andy xoxo

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jac a. : love love love you guys are pure magic. your work is flawless.